I Eat Vegetables! (Things I Eat series)

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Press: Zero To Ten; Revised edition edition (April 1, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-4
Author Name:Tofts, Hannah/ Horrox, Rupert (ILT)


A mixture of art, photography, and large, clear type introduces children to fruits and vegetables. 
Printed on heavy-duty card and hand-stitched to ensure maximum longevity, these stunning books go far beyond just naming familiar foods.
Each spread shows the name of the food alongside a clear photograph against a dramatic painted background.
Upon opening the full-page foldout to look inside the fruit or vegetable, kids can see which need to be peeled before eating and which have seeds, stones, pits, or other interesting things inside.


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  •     I love the pictures and my 2 years old daughters love to look them out. They love to eat the veggies from this book.
  •     My 14 month old loves this book. I bought it for him several months ago and he has loved it ever since...a great way to learn every day vegetables. Too many kids can't identify vegetables these days. The real life pictures make getting the concept even easier. The pictures are also real life sized so when I unload groceries, I pull out an example of an onion and hold it next to the picture. A great way to truly get it...I highly recommend this book.
  •     I started reading this book to my son when he was 6 months old. He is now over 2 years, and still enjoys the vivid pictures. There is no storyline, it is basically great photos of various veggies. Each page folds out to show that vegetable in slices and the parts of the veggie. The pepper page has a yellow, green, and red bell pepper and we used this page to begin learning about colors. My son has loved idetifying the seeds and parts of the veggies and then comparing them to the real thing when we cook. It is a great book for little, little ones!
  •     Nice book. The pictures and words are great. We use it at the kitchen table to discuss vegetables my toddler is eating. On the "corn" page, for example, I'll hand him a kernel of corn as if it were coming fresh off the page, and he'll gobble it up every time.However, the copy I received from Amazon had random pen marks in it. Obviously, it was a used book, and someone scribbled circles all over it, on about 8 pages in total. I was disappointed, especially given the cost of the book.UPDATE: I raised the stars from 3 to 4 because it's not the book's fault Amazon sent it in used condition. We use this book at dinner (in fact my son points to it when eating one of the veggies in it and requests it), and he now knows "Corn" and "Carrot," for example. I do wish the veggies included more kid-popular ones such as peas or green beans (rather than, e.g., cabbage and peppers). At least it doesn't have cauliflower or brussel sprouts!
  •     Awesome pictures!!!

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