Walking Wisely: Real Life Solutions for Life's Journey

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Press: Thomas Nelson (May 28, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-5
Author Name:Stanley, Charles F


Are you walking wisely? Dr. 
Charles Stanley cuts through the mystique of wisdom and presents God's simple plan to bless those who walk in His ways.
In Walking Wisely, best-selling author Dr.
Charles Stanley reveals this simple fact: there are only two ways to journey through life .
wisely or unwisely.
Those who walk wisely can expect to live a life of contentment and peace; a life overflowing with the confidence of God's love and presence.
Those who walk unwisely can expect a life of conflict, disappointment, and discontent.
The good news, according to Dr.
Stanley, is that wisdom is something each of us can attain.
To live wisely is to live with God's point of view constantly in mind.
Come to the pages of Walking Wisely and discover the secret of looking at life's circumstances from God's perspective and responding to those circumstances according to biblical principles.
Reap the rewards of walking wisely and resting in God's purposes for you.


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  •     This book has a section on Friendship that really help me through a difficult time. Great wisdom from this man of God.
  •     "Walking Wisely" by Charles Stanley is a good title by a godly man for anyone wanting more of God's wisdom in his/her life. The book is around 250 pages and covers points such as:1. Wisdom given by the Holy Spirit yields clarity and precision and focuses on eternal benefits.2. Description of 8 benefits of godly wisdom.3. Essentials for acquiring God's wisdom for your life.4. Essentials for building deep friendships.5. Different kinds of friendships.6. Basic truths about conflict.7. Dealing with criticism. A good read. Recommended.
  •     Five of us are studying "Walking Wisely" in a small group Bible Study. It's VERY stimulating and if applied, can be life changing.
  •     There's not much to say about this talented GODLY man, I love his books. Messages are VERY powerful
  •     Usual wonderful Charles Stanley wisdom !
  •     This book has changed my life. I continue to refer to it at times. I am very thankful for this book and highly recommend it to anyone who reads this. I promise you, if you walk in wisdom and follow the Holy Spirit, you will experience many of God's blessings for you. Much love.Kris
  •     great book,easy to read and understand
  •     must have
  •     You can't go wrong with Dr. Charles Stanley; he is a true man of God.this book will surely help you with making wise decisions and follow Christ.
  •     God knows more about life than you do and the wisest choice an individual can make is to ascertain God's will on any given matter and follow that course of action. That's essentially the advice given by Dr. Stanley in this spiritually powerful book. He shows how he has grown in the application of God's purposes to his life over the years, citing specific examples in myriad contexts--practical everyday matters relevant to all of us. Much of his teaching focuses on the promptings of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer of Jesus.Dr. Stanley writes, "He (God) will give you guidance that you clearly recognize and clearly understand" (p. 44) Further assurance is given to the Christian when he adds, "He (God) will not allow us to enter into any situation or circumstance that He has not anticipated or intends to use for our good" (p. 45).Perspective matters. We're told that as stewards unto God, we realize the significance of making the most of our time and other resources. Dr. Stanley encourages us to learn to hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit. "As in most things in life, we learn by trial and error" in notes on page 92. He says pray that God will help you to learn to hear His voice about the daily decisions you face. Pray in faith and with a humble heart he advises.Associations are important. Do not develop a close friendship with someone by default. Select your friends deliberatively, purposefully, and prayerfully. Avoid making decisions when your emotions are at a high pitch. These are just some of the other areas he addresses for a person seeking to walk wisely. The time invested in reading this book is time well spent.
  •     I loved this book. Charles Stanley gives you real life wisdom for applying Christian wisdom in your career/ workplace, and your every day life. Highly recommend.

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