The Best Gift You Can Ever Give Your Parents

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Press: Familylife (June 30, 2004)
Author Name:Rainey, Dennis/ Boehi, Dave


Perhaps you grew up in a home full of love and encouragement  or, like many, one filled with hurt and pain. 
Regardless, this book will guide you through a process that can bring healing and forgiveness...and will forever change your relationship with your parents.
Learn how to write a tribute to your mom or dad and thank them for all of the things that they did well in raising you.
It's time to honor your parents!


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  •     Small, easy read yet packed with wisdom and something valuable to think about. Written from experience and practice. I appreciate how good teachers, leaders, as well as (IMHO) good writers practice and experience what they offer or suggest before offering or passing their experience or wisdom on.What a greatly timed reminder as technology continues to tempt me to speed up my daily life and replace important relationships that have their days numbered with less important, "urgent" tasks or things to do.Thank you Dennis Rainey and Dave Boehi for taking time to encourage us to encourage our parents so that it may continue to go well, so that we can begin new chapters in the history of our families ancestry...and most importantly, so that we grow up into people they, and our Heavenly Father, can be proud to call children.
  •     This book is about writing a tribute from your heart to your parents. Dennis Rainey is a Christian, so the tone of the book is Biblical, but it is still a terrific guide for writing a tribute to anyone. The book addresses writing the tribute even if you suffered abuse or had distant parents. The act of honoring your parents is obeying one of the ten commandments, and you can honor them no matter what your relationship has been. The tribute is meant to stand alone to honor them, not to mend your entire life or theirs; just to get your thoughts out there to thank them for what they did and tried to do right.The book also talks about being deserving of honor yourself, and how to be a parent worthy of honor from your own children. Very rich book to help you write a priceless written gift to your parents and also for helping you become the best parent you can be. We used this book to write tributes for our parents before they died, and it was an unforgettable moment to see each one's heart melt at being honored in this way.
  •     Great Book!!! I couldn't hardly put it down. It truly helped me sort out all emotions concerning my family since my father's death. Truly a blessing from God.
  •     This little book - and the process it describes for writing "Tributes" to your parents, has had a powerful positive impact on my life.The benefits have been:1. The process the book recommends, and that I followed in preparation for writing the tributes to my parents - allowed me to remember my childhood from a perspective of gratitude, respect, and honor, rather than judgement and selfishness.2. Writing my tributes enabled me to really focus on all the good things about my parents, and ALL the loving things they have done for me in my life, and the sacrifices they have made so that I could have a great life.3. Reading the resulting tributes to my parents on their respective birthdays (76-father, 71-mother) this past year - was amazing. My parents were obviously deeply moved that I had taken the time to consider and assess their roles in my life, and that I clearly understood (especially now that I have 2 grown children myself) ALL the positive and loving things they had done for me, and all the ways they made my life possible.4. Perhaps most importantly - as my parents age, and I am forced to face them inevitably "leaving" this life - and me - I can honestly say that preparing and delivering the tributes to my parents, and all the honest and wonderful discussions we have had as a result, have allowed me to feel like I will have "no regrets", and nothing left unsaid...I hope you take this risk, read this book, and follow the advice. It is a beautiful thing to truly thank your parents, and let them know you "get it".
  •     I bought this book because I wanted to let my parents know how I feel. It tells you how to write a tribute to someone while they are still living, why wait until you are at a funeral? I loved writing a tribute to my aging parents, and loved reading it. Such a blessing for both of us.

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