Baby Knows Best: How to Prevent Childhood Obesity from Day One

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Press: Sterling & Ross, Cambridge House Press; 1 edition (July 12, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-1
Author Name:Goldman, Herbert I.


Herbert Goldman writes about an area to which he has dedicated much of his long career; infant and childhood nutrition and the prevention of obesity.
Citing studies he has carried out as well as other compelling evidence, Dr.
Goldman sheds light on ways to prevent excess weight gain and obesity.
With his easy-to-follow, tested and proven method, Dr.
Goldman teaches parents how to create healthy eating patterns that keep children thin.


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  •     This book peaked my curiosity when I saw it on the library shelf. In this day and age of rampant childhood obesity, what parent isn't motivated to curb excessive weight gain in children?The premise of the book is to honor your baby's natural hunger and satiety cues. While I certainly applaud the concept, the topic hardly warrants an entire book. The book is very short, with large type, and the author repeats himself over and over. In a nutshell, he instructs parents and other caregivers not to feed babies unless they are hungry. He gives some cues to look for and that's it.The bone I have to pick with the author is his suggestion that if your newborn baby always accepts the offered breast for reasons other than hunger, "that's bad." Babies take great comfort in nursing, and while I don't think mothers should be constantly used as pacifiers, some nursing for comfort or to help a newborn settle to sleep isn't going to condemn your child to a life of obesity. It's just more fear and guilt fodder for mothers.While we shouldn't be food pushers, the author's perilous warnings seem a bit dire and over-the-top, especially pertaining to newborns.
  •     This review is not on the book itself but on the author. Dr. Goldman was my daughter's pediatrician from birth and introduced me to the idea of "feeding on demand". My eyes were opened to the signals of true hunger and I maneuvered myself away from feeding to soothe. It was hard work at first; well-meaners told me my baby was crying because she was hungry. I often doubted myself as a new mom, but Dr. Goldman continued to support me and gave me his special brand of calm, common sense. I kept up with the program and now have a slim, healthy five-year old who cannot be convinced to eat when she is not hungry. When she is hungry, she is not a picky eater and cleans up the healthy options I prepare for her. I also enjoy having her help me prepare meals, which Dr. Goldman had suggested as a tool for her to learn to take control of her own health.I was so very sorry when Dr. Goldman retired from his practice and focused on the study for prevention of obesity. We miss him dearly, but I believe he has something greater to offer. His theory is grounded in logic and has tremendous potential. I truly hope his ideas become widespread because it is a wonderful feeling for a mother to know she has given her child the gift of health.

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