Painless Math Word Problems (Barron's Painless)

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Author Name:Abramson, Marcie F./ Spungin, Rika/ Hamilton, Laurie


Titles in Barron's Painless Series are textbook supplements designed especially for classroom use by middle school and high school students. 
The approach of each title is an appeal to students who think that the subject is boring, or too difficult, or both.
The authors, all experienced educators, take a light approach, showing kids what is most interesting about each subject, and how seemingly difficult problems can be transformed into fun quizzes, brain-ticklers, and challenging puzzles with rational solutions.
In this volume, students learn to see patterns in math word problems, then compute with decimals, fractions, compare rates, and solve proportions.
Then using everyday, real-world examples, they explore statistics and probabilities, and learn how math can actually predict future outcomes and events.
Other areas of practical math are examined, with a final chapter that searches out problems and activities that can be found on the World Wide Web.


Teens,Education & Reference,Mathematics

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  •     My 7th grade grandson loves this.
  •     I purchased this book to help a 13 year old teenager with her math studies. I was very impressed to which great lengths the authors went to make mathematics both approachable, interesting, and easy to understand. The book has a modern layout and easy to follow. The math problems range from easy to challenging and come with solutions. This isn't another dry math book. It's a joy to read. Highly recommended.
  •     Great item!! Super fast shipping!!
  •     Great for Hiset students
  •     purchased as a gift
  •     Very good
  •     I received all the items in horrible conditions.
  •     I have used this book and it was good. Thank you.
  •     I teach special education in elementary school. I used this book with my kids even down to 3rd grade. Believe it or not, they're ready for the concepts and the way that they're presented in this book is both accessible and pleasant. I do have to say that the alliterative cutesy names were a little too amusing for one of my 6th grade boys. He did eventually get over his fit of giggles, and anyway, I suppose it did help him access the material.
  •     Good quality and excellent shipping.
  •     As a high school math teacher I found that this book was great for helping students that struggle with abstract thought processes.
  •     Great quick read reference for boning up on algebraicword problems.
  •     I found many mistakes in this issue, especially for answers to problems. I did not like and would not recommend to a friend.
  •     I bought this book for some fun with math problems. I found about 10 errors in the book and when I contacted Barrons about it they did not take me seriously.
  •     excellent book

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