Out of Body (Court of Angels, Book 1)

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Press:Mira Mira (March 1, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-03-01
Author Name:Stella Cameron


Born of an ancient family of clairvoyants, Marley Millet finds that her psychic gift is both unsettling and incredibly dangerous. 
She never wants to "travel" again—but the choice is not hers to make.After glimpsing the fates of two missing New Orleans jazz singers, Marley knows she has no choice and must speak up before more women disappear.
Flinty cop-turned-writer Gray Fisher, who interviewed both chanteuses before they vanished, takes a special interest in Marley's incredible story—and in Marley.Scouring the wild clubs of the French Quarter, Marley and Gray make an unlikely and uneasy team.
But their determination is matched only by the heat between them…and the evil they have uncovered.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

If ever a man had suffered for marrying the wrong woman, it was Jude Millet.For three hundred years.In the attic above J. 
Clive Millet, the French Quarter antique shop his family had owned since their flight first from Belgium, and then London—Jude listened appreciatively to the crack of early summer lightning, the rumble of thunder, and watched flashes of white light pierce the gloom in his cluttered bower.Three hundred years.He raised one corner of his mouth.
Time flew when one was having fun, wasn't that a saying he'd overheard when he broke his own rule and listened in on a conversation among those living in the here and now?His poor descendants had suffered as a result of his birth and subsequent poor choices.
Or one choice in particular: That wife of his.The Millet family, an old and respected one, started their difficult journey from favor in Belgium, early in the eighteenth century.Red-haired and green-eyed, without exception—almost—they were seen as close-knit and eccentric, but they were respected.
Dealers in fine art of all varieties, they were sought after in Bruges society, even though they rarely accepted invitations to balls, soirees or other crowded, smelly gatherings they considered boring.Then "The Event" occurred in the form of a robust, dark-haired, blue-eyed infant Millet, a male, and there was consternation.They called the child Jude.
And from time to time, a Millet has remarked on how similar the name Jude is to Judas.Males in the family had forever chosen red-haired, green-eyed mates and, possibly through something a little beyond understanding, all subsequent males and females also had red-haired, green-eyed children.And all went well.Until the arrival of that dark-haired boy, Jude, that boy they at first suspected must be a changeling, an infant who didn't belong to them at all.
He was no changeling, but the Millets were eternally changed by his birth.The child grew to manhood, a tall, dark, flamboyant force filled with the other, more important element that made the family different: they all had paranormal talents, some even magical.There was no end to their mystical potential.The dark-haired one eventually married a beguiling woman whose true nature he could not know until it was too late and, together with the rest of his kin, he was forced to flee to London.
They barely eluded those who suspected Jude's wife of causing bizarre deaths; the citizens of first Bruges, then London, wanted to punish the Millets for "witchcraft."That wife disappeared, but not soon enough to save her family by marriage from rejection and flight.The Mentor, as Jude Millet became known by his descendants, moved to New Orleans in search of a way to combat the damage done by his ill-chosen wife and her kind.
He considered her acts dark and hoped to find answers where dark arts are practiced.He had discovered a great deal, but no ultimate answers.Tonight Jude was far from peaceful.
He could feel unrest seething on the lower floors of the Millet's Royal Street shop.
Not surprising since a new crisis had already begun to unfold.
At last he would be called upon to guide, in secret, his twenty-first-century relatives.
They were a feisty lot, exactly as he would wish them to be.So many years had passed without incident since he and the others first arrived in New Orleans that he had come to hope they were out of all danger.Now he knew how wrong he had been.Jude moved from his place among the shadows and approached the veil through which he must pass to be present in the world of the living.
He had always known there could be those events that would require him, within the bounds of the Millet Code, to become active again.Like now.After his release from life, followed by ages of observing and occasionally flying into a rage over decisions he would never have made, he must take an active role in his family's affairs.
The Mentor would return, not to take control, for that was not the Millet way, but to remind them of the responsibilities that came with their extraordinary powers.Naturally, he would keep himself largely hidden from them.
After all, he had never been seen by any member of the recent generations.
He must introduce himself carefully, making sure they never as much as guessed that he was no farther away than the attic of their own shop, and certainly without presenting a "solid" form they might become attached to.The actions they took would, as they always had, depend on their own conclusions and skills.Even as he stood there, only a floor or so from some current Millets, there were a few family members looking for traces of him in London, and perhaps elsewhere.
Jude, the Mentor, smiled at the thought.
They not only questioned that he had ever existed, they probably hoped he had not! If they could prove he was a myth, then they could forget about dark-haired males being dangerous to the family.Since there was, right now, another dark-haired male Millet, they desperately longed to debunk the old theory.In front of him shimmered a weblike veil.
He pointed a single, long forefinger in its direction and it disappeared.Jude had learned a good deal about the enemy, the Embran as they were called, and their home deep in the earth.Right now, and for thirty years past, a single member of the Embran tribe had been present in New Orleans, creating unspeakable horrors he had so far managed to hide.No more.Jude would oversee the beginning of the end for the one who had recently been brought to his attention.
An informer had reported that for thirty years the renegade Embran had been in this very city without the Mentor's knowledge.
And in the past few weeks this Embran, who had grown too drunk on having his fill of earthly delights to carry out his mission, had made a mistake and revealed himself.
Panicked into action, at last he had taken up the quest he was sent to the surface of the earth to accomplish, to crush the Millets and steal the power his people believed the family had over the fate of the Embrans.There was little time now.
The madness was unfolding.
And Marley Millet, a young female descendent of the Mentor's, had been placed in a position where the enemy might well use her as their route to dominance.
Over centuries, the Embran had come to the earth's surface from deep in the earth.
Only one of them was allowed to come at a time and they had to fight one another to the death for the privilege.
For expediency, the winner chose to manifest either as male or female—more or less.
These creatures came to satisfy their greed for human pleasures.
And they wreaked pain and fear without ever tasting justice.But the Embrans' own twisted strengths had begun to fade.
Had begun to fade, in fact, after the one who had ensnared the Mentor himself into marriage and caused the Millets to flee for their lives had left earth and returned to Embran.
She carried with her some element that began the systematic termination of her kind.Embran after Embran visited earth only to return without answers or help for a dying race, then the latest member arrived.
After indulging himself in the perverted human sexuality to which they were all addicted, he had been betrayed by the one whom he trusted.
Now he was faced with his own destruction.Desperate to reverse his fortunes he had set a ruthless plot in motion that, unless thwarted, would make sure young Marley did not live to an old age.The Mentor stood at the small, very high dormer window in the attic and looked down on Royal Street.
His superb vision made it easy for him to see every incident, every human, in detail.Somewhere, perhaps even very close to him, the final battle had begun.There would be loss.There would be terror in New Orleans.The just order would be challenged and threatened.The Mentor was ready and he hoped the often inconvenient balance between the human and the…the other, would not end in disaster.***A woman would die.Unless Marley Millet could find the victim, and quickly, it would be too late.
Marley was convinced this was true and that she was the only one who could help.In her crowded workroom on the third floor of J.
Clive Millet, Antiques, on Royal Street in New Orleans, Marley paced in small circles, desperate for insight that would tell her how to find and rescue an innocent marked for murder.On her workbench stood a red lacquer dollhouse, an intricate piece of nineteenth-century chinoiserie placed in her hands by a stranger for safe and secret keeping.
She hadn't and still didn't know why, except that the house was the portal that led to a place of great danger for some.
Above the curvy roof with flaking gilt twirls at each corner, a whirling sheath of fathomless gray took more definite shape, like a vaporous tornado.
It shifted until its slenderest part disappeared through a wall of the doll-house and the gaping maw at the other end crept closer to Marley.
A current began to suck at her like a vast, indrawn breath.The decision to stay or give in and be pulled away, her essence drawn out of her body, was still hers.Whispers came, a word, and another and another, never growing louder, only more intense.Marley pressed her hands over her ears, but the sounds were already inside her head.
The few whisperers became a crowd, and although she could not make out much of what they said, she knew they were begging.
The Ushers, as she knew the voices, wanted her.
They needed her.
They were the last, invisible advocates for a life on the edge of an unnatural death, calling for Marley to witness a crime in progress.
Witness, and act to save the victim.Almost two weeks earlier, she had done as they asked and traveled away from her body to a place she did not know, and a woman she did not know.
Evil had permeated the atmosphere there and Marley knew a murder was planned."You left her to die." This time the Ushers spoke clearly."I don't even know who she is." Her own voice sounded huge."You saw her.""But I only saw the inside of a room.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     I just finished this book and I'm so excited to read the rest of the series. Cameron has done an excellent job of creating a world in which just about anything is possible: bad creatures, hereditary psychic gifts, and destined soul mates. I'll be lining up to read the rest of the books in this series, for sure!
  •     I don't know what book the one star reviewer read but it couldn't have been OUT OF BODY, unless she got a different version from the one I bought. This is a wonderfully creepy, unusual paranormal book with relationships you love and amazing characters, both good and bad. I only stopped reading to eat and that was a nuisance to me. The Millet family of New Orleans was chased out of Belgium on charges of witchcraft. That was three hundred years ago and they've been fighting to survive ever since. Now a group of beings from under the earth are trying to wipe them out and wipe out New Orleans in the process. Everything about this book is starp and the pages almost turn themselves. Great read.
  •     Stella Cameron is a wonderful story teller. Now I can add this book to the first one I read. I received it on time.
  •     Alright, I'm on the fence on this one. I enjoyed the story, but there was something missing. I have no idea what it was, but this book just didn't have that memorable flair to it. The premise is interesting, we have a family of red-haired green-eyed preternaturally gifted people, of course there is the one black-haired brother who's supposed be a 'curse' to the family. This story revolves around Marley who can 'travel' outside of her body, and can communicate psychically with her family. We find out she has 3 sisters and a brother (the cursed one) but only Willow and Sykes are really involved at this point in Marley's life. Also she has an interesting dog...not sure what to think of it. Anyway, Marley has these spirit like things that direct her to victims and she has to figure out where they are and how to help them, all while trying not to get it on with the hot reporter/ex-cop (Gray), who she just met. So...it's kind of set up like any other paranormal fantasy/romance books that are out there. I will say that there were a lot, a LOT of things left unexplained, and this kind of contributed to the flatness of the story BUT it does have the twist of a mystery, and I admit that aspect is pretty good.Putting together the mystery of how everyone was connected, why these girls were taken & who did the taking, wall all cleverly done. The hunt for clues was a big part of the story, I guess, and the sex/avoiding the sex was a big part too. We have multiple points of view, Gray, Marley & the Bad 'Guy. The characters are ok, the story is ok, but everything just felt ... bland. Not bad, not great, just ok. I did find the brother (Sykes) to be the most intriguing side character, and he does have his own book in this trilogy. Book 1 (this one) is Marley's story, Book 2 is Willows and Book 3 is Sykes. I'll pick up #2 eventually, I'm not in too big of a hurry though.
  •     I guess I'll be in the minority here, but I felt this book was only mediocre. The sexual tension between the man and the women is resolved and explored way too soon.
  •     these three books: out of body, out of mind, and out of sight, are paranormal and delightful stories!
  •     The story started a little slow but soon picked up Great read I especially enjoyed the Millet family's commitment to each other.
  •     kept me reading, but seemed like it never quite lived up to the potential of the story.....I kept waiting for the really good part, and it never came.
  •     it was a good one like the other two
  •     I have enjoyed this authorin the past, but was unfamiliar with her writing of science fiction, which I do not believe in.
  •     I am not sure how I feel about this paranormal novel. I made sure to finish it but am not sure if I would strongly recommend it.
  •     i nejoy it very much,
  •     It was okay
  •     not into this type of story. it was OK, as stories go, just to creepy for me.
  •     While I have loved every other Stella Cameron book I've read, this series just stinks. Too many characters, too many bad guys, too many secondary characters, too many people, too...

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