Music: An Appreciation, 4th Edition

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Press:McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages; 4 edition (July 30, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-07-30
Author Name:Roger Kamien
Edition:4th Edition


Roger Kamien received his B.A. 
in Musicology from Columbia and his M.A.
and PhD.
from Princeton.
Kamien taught for 2 years at Hunter College and for 20 years at Queens College, where he coordinated the music appreciation courses.
In 1983, he was appointed to his current position.
In addition to Music: An Appreciation, Prof.
Kamien has written numerous articles and reviews, co-wrote A New Approach to Keyboard Harmony, and edited the Norton Scores.
He is an accomplished pianist and, in recent years, has formed a two-piano team with his wife, Anita.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     This book was supposed to come with an access code, but didn't. So I have to buy a whole new book just to get the code. I'm very disappointed!
  •     If you need to use this book for a college music class that requires the access code to listen to the music online, you're screwed. This book is way over priced to not even get what you need to complete your college course. Not getting this access code when I waited to receive the book forever has now put me behind in the class. Now I am having to go through the return process and still going to my college campus bookstore and buying this book again to actually get what I need.This was not noted in the description about the book and was definitely a rip off. DO NOT BUY!
  •     You will NOT have access to the website needed to listen to the examples. I nearly failed a class because this didn't come with the proper study resources included in the physical copy.
  •     My book came in great condition!
  •     As expected!
  •     ok
  •     Great item
  •     Better than buying
  •     It was the book I needed for class
  •     as described.
  •     Not only is it overpriced, I didn't get what I expected. The whole point of college students buying this was for the access code and they didnt even specify if it was included or not. Thanks for letting me waste my money.
  •     limited knowledge of music as a whole
  •     Needed it at the last minute
  •     I'll keep this simple. You can imagine my chagrin when I am taking a unit quiz only to discover that the text that I rented is missing 30+ pages. Thanks for nothing. You would think that if you are renting textbooks you would check that all the pages are there prior to shipping. I won't be renting again.
  •     I have used this text and earlier editions teaching music appreciation at community college and have found it to be the best yet so far. The most useful part of the text for the [before class] non-active listener are the listening outlines, with very detailed descriptions of what to listen for in various pieces of music. Kamien includes very early musical selections up to the very recent. Also included are some non-western music examples. This text could be very beneficial to musician and non-musician alike. There is great detail in his explanations of how various musical forms are put together. There is just enough history included in the text to avoid the boredom of the purely historical perspective of music appreciation.
  •     The reason I even bought this was to have the Access code. You should change your title to just book >:(
  •     Wish it would have included the music cd..
  •     Great textbook

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