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Press: Napoleon and Co (September 1, 2010)
Author Name:Weedmark, David


Anger is simmering under the bucolic facade of Tanglewood vineyard… All Ben Taylor wants is to get away from the police force where he worked undercover for years. 
The RCMP has cleared his name in an Ottawa shooting, but that hasn’t cleared his conscience.
He arrives anonymously at Tanglewood Farms in Southwestern Ontario, where he worked in his youthful summers.
Back then, it was a simple family-run vineyard, but it is a far different place today.
The farm has become the hub of a powerful family empire.
When a body is discovered in a shack on the farm, Ben is drawn into the investigation.
Meanwhile, the woman who was once the love of his life now lives as a recluse behind the darkened windows of the farmhouse.
As she begins to reveal to Ben her own dark secrets, they become suspects in the eyes of the police, the migrant workers, and even each other.

About the Author

Poet and novelist David Weedmark, who was born and raised in Ontario, has lived and worked throughout Canada. 
He embraced many different occupations and lifestyles.
His first novel, The Tanglewood Murders, comes from his experiences working with migrant farm workers in southwestern Ontario.
His first poetry collection, First Stirrings, was honoured with a 2004 Governor General’s Award nomination.
Postcards from Paris  followed.
David lives either in downtown Ottawa or at a remote cabin in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec, depending on the season.


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Mystery,Police Procedurals,Thrillers & Suspense,Crime,Literature & Fiction,Literary

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Comment List (Total:3)

  •     It might be strange to take a break from editing a manuscript and choose to read a book, but I did. After a solid four hours of Henry Wood: Time and Again, my brain was fried. I wanted to relax and so I picked up the old ipad, with the Nook reader, and finished the last 60 pages of, David Weedmark's, The Tanglewood Murders.It is the story of Ben Taylor, a cop who is hiding from his past. He has been working at the Tanglewood winery, in Canada. A place that holds fond memories from his youth, but now, he isn't a carefree teenager, working on his summer vacation, he is grown man struggling to do what is right.The book starts off, as mysteries are want to do, with a murder. A tragic and violent murder of a young woman named Anna. Her horrible death touches a nerve and Ben must make some decisions about who is going to be, the cop, or the farm hand...or maybe, he is a suspect?I don't like to give too much away, as that defeats the purpose of me recommending this book. And I do recommend it. Books are meant to allow one to escape to a different place and watch a story unfold. For me, I was escaping from searching my own writing for comma blunders, and this novel helped tremendously.Mr. Weedmark lets the story roll out in front of the reader, while adding enough interesting circumstances, to keep one wondering. There is romance, which is not overdone, and as the pluralization of the title would imply, a second murder. Everyone has an agenda, a past, and their own ideas of what the future might hold. It is wonderful to watch each character travel through the pages and very satisfying to find out where they end up.The novel, Mr. Weedmark's first, is a fine read, which will give one a great escape from today, and let them enjoy the delicate vintage, which is, `The Tanglewood Murders'
  •     Hoping for an anonymous escape from a past that haunts him, Ben Taylor returns to Tanglewood Farms, where he spent time working as a youth. Once a quiet, family-run vineyard in Ontario, Tanglewood has since become the base of a powerful family empire - an empire whose secrets are threatened when the body of a young woman is discovered in an abandoned shack on the farm.The Tanglewood Murders is author David Weedmark's newest release, a mystery-thriller taking place in and around a fictitious vineyard in Southwestern Ontario.At once a crime novel with twists and turns that make it difficult to put down, The Tanglewood Murders also examines the deeper subjects of grief, guilt, abuse and love through the well developed characters that inhabit its pages.David Weedmark is a master of description. His elegant prose draws the reader in, allowing them to feel a part of the scenery which he is creating. From the first sentences of the prologue to the last sentences of the final chapter, the reader is enveloped in stirring imagery and evocative depictions which serve to enhance the tone of the novel.Do not mistake this for the (too familiar) type of `reporting' that can lull a reader to sleep; the author's ability to perfectly create the scene in the reader's mind is accomplished in beautifully written, suggestive language which will keep readers on the edge of their seats through each chapter.David has created an unforgettable protagonist in Ben Taylor. A man with secrets of his own, pulled unavoidably into a murder investigation, Taylor is attempting to escape the ghosts of his past, even as that very past is catching up with him on both professional and personal fronts.In fact, all of the characters in The Tanglewood Murders are expertly written, and the reader is allowed to get to know each of them on their own terms. Through their interactions with each other, their environment and the unfolding story, readers become familiar with the inner workings of every suspect - for there are few characters that do not fall into the simmering pot of suspicion that Weedmark has cooked up.As the author cleverly leads you through the landscape of Tanglewood, tantalizing secrets are revealed in hushed conversations and peeks into the minds of the players; each revelation a piece of the puzzle that must be completed before the characters can find the answers that they seek. When one question is answered, another takes its place; the reader will find themselves mulling over the facts - torn between certainty and doubt - right along with the characters.This is a wonderfully written, suspenseful crime novel which strikes the ideal balance between character examination and thrilling action. The captivating plot will keep you guessing, and you will find yourself at the end of each chapter thinking, "just one more", until you finish David Weedmark's gripping and intelligent book, The Tanglewood Murders.
  •     Don't be misled. If you have read TANGLEWOOD, you have read THE TANGLEWOOD MURDERS.These titles are different, the publishers are different, the ISBN's are different, but the content is the same. Granted, there is some editing: a word deleted or changed, a sentence deleted or changed, an altered list of acknowledgements,but it is the SAME novel! I, unfortunately was faked out and bought both so I have been able to make a side-by-side comparison.

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