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Press: Berkley (January 5, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-1
Author Name:Mann, Catherine


Untamed and Undercover: Third in the Dark Ops series. 
Tech Sergeant Mason "Smooth" Randolph lives to push boundaries.
But he never anticipated how far outside the box he would land when an in- flight accident sends him parachuting into Nevada's notorious Area 51- and into the handcuffs of sexy security cop Jill Walczak.

About the Author

RITA Award winner Catherine Mann lives in Florida with her military flyboy husband and their four children. 
Visit her website at


Romance,Romantic Suspense,Contemporary,Literature & Fiction,United States

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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     Great
  •     Renegade by Catherine Mann is another gripping Dark Ops Novel.Tech Sergeant Mason "Smooth" Randolph liked living on the edge. He enjoyed his job in the test squadron of the Air Force. One Mission over the desert goes terrible wrong and Mason is sent flying out into the night sky. His rescue comes in the form of one sexy security cop, Jill Walczak.Jill Walczak took her job as a security cop in Nevada's Area 51 very seriously. She is also trying to hunt down a serial killer that killed a good friend. Jill won't stop until this person is behind bars. While on a late night patrol Mason literally falls into her lap. A toxic fallout has them in quarantine. Jill knew Mason by reputation and was worried that being in close quarters would make her fall under his spell.Jill and Mason are drawn into a web of danger by someone who is keeping a watchful eye on them both. As the danger increases Jill and Mason feelings for each other go off the chart. Can their new found love grow with a killer on the loose?Renegade is a gripping story of those exceptional people that protect our country. Catherine Mann writes military romance like no other. The Military parts of the book flow right into the heartfelt feelings of the characters. Her books are tops on my list of books to buy.
  •     As always, Catherine Mann delivers a stellar romance...she's one of the best military romance authors! Would recommend this book to anyone who loves strong characters and an intriguing plot.
  •     Good series. Catherine writes good romantic suspence. Would recommend this series. Be sure to read these books in order. Important to the series.
  •     Outstanding story. Kept me enthralled up to the end. I loved this entire series can't wait to see what is next.
  •     Tech Sgt. Mason "Smooth" Randolph had only moments to revel in the fact that the small mishap with a test drop for a new supersonic jet didn't kill him.
  •     I really enjoyed the story and am looking forward to more. The characters and situations are great and well-written and I was really happy with how the story unfolded and the...
  •     the same as all the other reviews i have given . she is an interesting writer and i will read all any more of her books she writes
  •     The Dark Ops Series:DefenderHotshotRenegadeProtector (Chuck Tanaka's story. Due for release March 2012)Renegade is Mason "Smooth" Randolph's story. He makes a yummy hero, with the combo of hot looks, brave actions, and perfect gentlemanly manners. Heck... He even cooks! What's missing is emotional connection. He's been divorced, so he doesn't want to make the same mistakes. Unfortunately, that turns him cold at certain points in the book. Combined with the heroine's low self esteem, and her loathing of Mason because she heard he was a player, the two never really seem to fall in love. They profess their love at the end, but to me it felt shallow.I still gave the book 4 stars because the story overall is good. It kept me interested. Mason and Jill are working together with other military and police officers to find a serial killer. The two are quarantined together after being exposed to deadly chemicals. The banter between them is funny and entertaining. The author is also very good at writing action scenes. So the book is a fun read. Just don't go into it looking for a real heart- mover. Read this book when you want something light.
  •     Another great Catherine Mann novel.
  •     Great read.
  •     I like this author, she writes a well written story with characters that are usually likeable. Was an interesting story and kept my attention and look forward to reading others in this series.
  •     A Romance-Thriller where they tell you "who done it" and the excitement is supposed to be in catching them, or I think that is the idea. This was a "revenge" killer, and that isn't giving away anything they don't pretty much from the start. The story is about a Military man and a female police officer and how they "solve" this mystery and fall in love. Unfortunately, for me there was no real feeling of chemistry to the lead characters. The Heroine was largely rude (isn't that cute) and the Hero was a good looking military man. The book lacked focus, jaunting off into the love life of anyone in the Hero's unit. It had NO suspense, cause you know who is doing the killing, you know it is a romance (so HEA is a given) and nothing is unpredictable. The most imaginative part of this book is the title, which is accurate in calling it a story about a traitor (definition of Renegade). Not worth the time.
  •     This book was okay. I didn't think the couple really developed into a meaningful relationship. It seemed kind of rushed. Also the villian was completely obvious and the ending was anticlamactic. I'm a huge fan of Suzanne Brockmann's books that combine action, suspense and romance in a more seamless and believable way than I feel Catherine Mann delivers in her books. I gave this book 3 stars because although I didn't like it that much, I liked it enough to finish it but once I was done reading it, I forgot about it.

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