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Press: Berkley; Reissue edition (May 4, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-5
Author Name:Martin, Deirdre


Even a man on the run can enjoy the thrill of the chase... 
Hiding from New York's Irish mob, Liam O'Brien is in Ireland working as a bartender in his parents' old village.
Hurt once by a man, Aislinn McCafferty is the local ice queen, which the unsuspecting Liam soon learns the hard way.
Accepting a wager from the pub's owner, Liam pursues Aislinn.
But neither of them expects this donnybrook of the sexes to turn into an unlikely love...

About the Author

Deirdre Martin has written scripts for the daytime drama One Life to Live. 
She lives with her husband and her dog, Molly, in Ithaca, New York.


Romance,Sports,Romantic Comedy,Contemporary

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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     I liked the book, but not as well as some of the earlier books in the series.
  •     I loved this book, and itsome of them belong to series that I am reading.Lori Foster alone is worth the price of the book, she is a great writer, strong characters.
  •     Most of her books fly by, and I read them in a night. This one was o.k, but it took me a week to read it, and I didn't miss it when I put it down. The main characters really didn't grab me.
  •     I received this book quickly from when I placed my order and it was perfect!
  •     The plot is common and could be well developed, but it was not. I really liked other titles of this author, but this one is just plain boring.
  •     Deirdre Martin a delightful story in Straight Up.Liam O'Brien takes off to Ireland to wait out the danger back in NY City from the Irish Mob.
  •     I bought this book for my KINDLE. Because I'm cautious, I got the sample first and was enraptured. I fell in love with the characters immediately.
  •     I was disappointed in this book. It actually was boring and slow moving. I loved her hockey books, but I could hardly finish this one.
  •     Deirdre Martin is probably one of my favorite authors. I have not read one of her books that I didn't like. They all keep me so interested that it's hard to put them down and this was no exception. Glad I have my kindle app so I can read it even easier on the go.
  •     Complaining that a romance novel is cliché is like whining because the beach is sandy. But a good romance story either gives old clichés a new twist or relays the...
  •     Just imagine.... The sights, the sounds, and the smells of the countryside in Ireland. The small town of Ballycraig with its spunky characters, hitting the local pub, and the...
  •     Awesome
  •     I have read every one of this author's books and novellas. I have yet to be disappointed. The story is always fresh, the characters the same.Liam's story is no different. Though I at first had a tough time believing that Ireland was going to be a safe haven, I quickly got over it when I saw he was in a little poedunk backwater burb. Aislann is the perfect match for showing him that one can be satisfied with leaving NY behind for the peace of the country. Love her grit and spirit, and love the realities of their relationship.Yes, the hockey books were great, and I, too, wish for more. But, I love that the minor characters from previous books are getting their own stories. That's not something every author that tries can do successfully, but DM has. I anxiously await her next installment(s). If you, too, have a hard time waiting, also try Rachel Gibson's hockey romances while you are waiting.I do not always keep books that I've read. Some get passed on to friends and family, some go to the local nursing home library, some get sold to used book stores for $. But DM's have a special place in my library room -- they are all keepers! I won't even loan them out! I tell all my hockey galpals about them, but they have to go get their own :-).
  •     In this book a sheep farmer and a bartender fall in love only to break up. There are many interesting twists and turns to make this story interesting. True love wins out.

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