Cowboy Bebop: Volume 1

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Press:TokyoPop TokyoPop (October 2005)
Publication Date:2006-03-30


The hippest bounty hunters in the galaxy are back! Spike Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine are on the hunt for new targets, inspired by the hit anime series. 
Cowboy Bebop blends science fiction, spaghetti westerns, film noir, and jazz music into a new genre that's all about style.
As each volume features four stand-alone adventures, this is the perfect time to find out what all the excitement is about.


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  •     First some introduction to my situation. This would really be just a first impression because...Here in South America we are STARTING to buy manga the way you find them in USA or Japan. Brazilian editorials are the biggest players in manga, but in an attempt to compete with comix, they split in two parts all the volumes for more frequent distribution and lower prices. Cowboy BeBop Manga has 3 three volumes? Here, they are 6.I have the 3rd Brazilian half-volume (which would be the first half of the 2nd volume). When I saw it in the shop, I just didn't think twice like most other mangas, left it there as I thought so other could buy it and I could stay sleepless over the night. I bought this one impulsively. As a Cowboy BeBop fan, I saw myself excused.I guess that, like half-volumes, my excuse got sliced half too.The half-volume only had the first two chapters, and they kind of fell short in terms of deepness or entertainment, unlike the anime counterpart were I can hardly think of two or three bad sessions. "She's a Rainbow" and "Great Deceiver" aren't so well developed stories. They are good ideas and, with the proper work, they would've been great sessions for the anime series, but the magician didn't show up for the birthday. You know what I think now when I see that Hajime Yatate wrote the scripts? I think they thought Yutaka Naten would pick them up and develop them further, maybe trade some notes with the supervisor, Shinichiro Watanabe (director of the anime series, but you probably know that by now), to get the taste of the series. Once again, hope sliced half. Seemed like Shinichiro wasn't there to make it work.Drawing was good overall, characters were well reproduced in general and props and ships were of excellent quality, but some things also left me somehow confused. Spike and Jet seemed like a poor excuse of needing to have defined lips, they're supposed to be more manly. That didn't made them look so good, so guess I prefer the anime orginal design. However, Ed, Ein, Faye, and background characters seem like a really nice one, the best portrays of the manga, although Faye's head sometimes seemed too thin. Now, the bad slice is...The drawing style. You know, two of my anime favorites are "Cowboy BeBop" and "Patlabor, The Mobile Police". Why? A reason among the crowd was because they had their degree of realism on the face expressions, comic but realist. If someone got ashamed or startled, they would draw their faces as if most of the times. In this manga, some times this example was followed, while some other times drawing made it clear to you that generic manga expressions like "point-eyes", "rainbow-eyes", and "cheek-lines" don't work with the Cowboy BeBop characters most of the time, only with Ed (too bad she rarely appeared here). As a breakthrough series, Cowboy BeBop should have been more distant to the mainstream style which certainly didn't fit too well, as some scenes are even too chaotic this way. And please, the worst of all was the horrible work that was done with Rachel in "She's a Rainbow". The RIDICULOUS amount of cheek lines, excessive eyelash details (this goes for all women) and messed up hair was unbearable at some times, specially when she was nervous or scared.Dialogues are a serious subject. The dialogues fit well into the characters (even Rachel that seemed too heroic and moralist in the "chasing the dream" theme, stealing some panels and protagonism), but the order and way of the baloons was sometimes hard to follow. As nervous as I can get, in some complicated points I sometimes felt like I needed to read a manual on how to read this manga. Baloons are for talking, but not only by people in the drawing, so stay sharp at the words and style of talking. Thought baloons could be for thinking or memories, so you have to set to mind that Rachel has a really mixed-up head, I recommend to read all consecutive thoughts first and then go on with the manga. Star-like baloons of "Great Deceiver" pointed for the introduction or conclusion of flashbacks, also. Really, it's not as bad as I say it, but you could use reading each chapter twice to get it 100%.This was my first impression on the manga by reading those two chapters in the third half-volume. Needless to say, Cowboy BeBop has that "stand-alone" feature that I always enjoyed and appreciated because here in Paraguay you never know when things are coming, or if they will ever come again at all, so if you haven't started the series from the start or haven't bought the first volume of the manga, you can always be sure you will understand it anyway (myself, I started watching the series "on the run" from the end of the session#4 to the session#26, to later see sessions 1 to 4 completely, plus the sessions I missed from exams study).I know that I may sound very harsh in some matters, but its just that as a fan I expected a masterpiece to collect and love, like my three Saint Seiya Episode G volumes (Brazilian full-volumes, this ones) that I bought in Brazil no matter the price. Now, that was obssesion, if you hear me right. But, you know, this is just a first impression, I think I got out of the line a bit (a bit I say!! yeah, right) by reading all those negative reviews. Maybe this weren't the correct first chapters to read, and therefore I hope other chapters awaiting my posession are better than this. Yet, this two don't fall too down, they are good once you get to know them.Yeah, Cowboy BeBop Manga got sliced, but nobody said the bad part was the bigger. It's just bitter. As I heard on TV and I think it is true: "You can learn nothing from victories but a thousand things from defeats". So, Nanten, I'm sending you the thousand points on Friday! Just kidding...
  •     5/5
  •     after going back to read this all I can say is wow i love the series and I am so happy I had found this book.
  •     ... but you may want to see the series first. I bought the manga before I owned the TV series, having heard all about Cowboy Bebop, but I'll warn you, it can get a little confusing if you're not already familiar with the characters. The first three books read like a typical episode of Cowboy Bebop, and they don't waste time on introductions and character development. If you've finished the series, these books are a good way to see your fave characters reunited again in more origianl and wacky plots to get cash. The manga is exquisitely drawn, and is presented in "100% Authentic Manga style" ((it reads right to left.))One of the cutest stories is about Ed's past, when she meets an old firend under unusual circumstances.. but I won't spoil it for you!! *wink*For die-hard Bebop fans, this is a must have. If you want an introduction to the series... well, it worked for me, it was just a little confusing at first. I think you'd enjoy it none the less...
  •     I'm fairly new to reading manga, so I figured my first encounter would be with a series I'm familiar with from my anime collection.
  •     This second volume of the 1st Bebop manga series suffers from the same, if not worse, problems than book 1. This time around we have 5 bad stories instead of 4.
  •     Im a huge CowBoy Bebop fan so it was a no brainer that I'd by the entire series of Manga, but when I got it I was slighlty dissapointed.
  •     yes
  •     This was an excellent purchase!It was most affordable of all the Cowboy Bebop Boxed Sets available, and it was also in the best condition. Brand new!
  •     i didnt even know that there was a manga series i love the show and i love the movie so im getting this along with the complete series :) i recomend this to anyone who likes or...
  •     A+++
  •     It's all over the place. But that's kind of Cowboy Bebop's thing for the best and meh it's okay of things.
  •     I saw the tv show first so I instantly knew I would love the books! Great read and so fun!

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