The Last Attempt: The true story of freediving champion Audrey Mestre and the mystery of her death

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Press: Xlibris, Corp. (November 22, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-11
Author Name:Serra, Carlos


THE LAST ATTEMPT by Carlos Serra  While attempting to set a new world record in the extreme sport of freediving, Audrey dies. 
Something had gone terribly wrong and despite a massive media attention, many questions remained unanswered.
Suspicion fell over her husband, the legendary freediver known as Pipin, prompting his business partner, Carlos Serra, a brother-like friend to Audrey, to promise an investigation to determine responsibilities, if any.
But Pipin rejected the motion and that's when the struggle between Serra and Pipin began.
THE LAST ATTEMPT is the result of that investigation, and with a surprising conclusion, it comprises the whole story as it actually occurred.


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  •     I read Pipin Ferreras' account of his wife's drowning death: a romantic but tragic love story between two extreme athletes and soul mates. Then I read THE LAST ATTEMPT: a horrific true crime story. I am absolutely persuaded by Mr. Serra's account of what happened. How sad that no real investigation has ever been conducted. I think Pipin is in the same category as O. J. Simpson - they both murdered the woman they supposedly loved and walked away free men.As detailed and compelling as the story is, Mr. Serra should have used an editor. Mr. Serra clearly does not have a working command of the English language. This book is poorly written (main reason for 3 star rating.) However, the story should read.
  •     As a fan of free diving since the 70's, I closely followed Audrey's career until her death. To this day, I am still saddened by the loss.I greatly enjoyed this book and its compelling details. However, I would like to give my opinion on a couple of items.1. The total recall of the numerous conversations was a little strange. The recall of this depth of detail gives one the sense that maybe (just maybe) some of it was made to fit.2. The author states in the front of the book that he was his own editor. It shows. A much better book would have resulted if had a professional editor been allowed to work with the manuscript. I appreciate maintaining the `accent' but it disturbs the flow of the book.Overall, it is a very insightful look into one of my favorite sports. I am grateful to the author for giving us this information which helps in my understanding of this tragic, untimely death.I hope you find this review helpful.Michael L. Gooch
  •     I have to say that I hardly leave reviews but this book was so exception that I just had to. It has its flaws; it's not well-edited and grammar errors abound. But the writing is absolutely captivating and the sincerity and thoroughness that Serra applies to his investigation makes for an incredible journey for the reader. I knew the story of Audrey and Pipin and read The Dive, though I found it totally self-serving to Pipin's agenda, and ignoring his part in her death. This book gives great insight into the dark side of the seemingly "fairy-tale" love story that Pipin tries so hard to project, and explains, with real hard evidence, all of Pipin's extremely dubious behavior prior to the "accident" and all his possible motivations for wanting to sabotage Audrey's dive. The story of Audrey's death haunted me for some time, and with Serra's account of what really happened, I am shaken to the core and feel so sad for her. I applaud Serra for having the courage and determination to write this story despite Pipin being lauded in the media. This is an excellent book anyone would find thrilling, not just those with an interest in diving.
  •     I'm a scuba diver so I found it fascinating. Audrey made some very poor life decisions and it broke my heart to read about them. As for her husband..... well, read the book.
  •     I agree with the authors deduction.
  •     Reading this is like watching a slow motion disaster in the making. Really hits home as to all the mistakes that led up to the tragedy. Well written to capture the drama.
  •     Somebody claimed that this is a one sided story, but isn't that the case when some is writing his own part of the story? On top of that, no one has disputed this book's facts.
  •     I saw a special on ESPN about this incident and wanted to learn more.I'm glad I read this book. It is very sad though.
  •     If you have read "The Dive" you need to read this book too.
  •     Book was stolen from my car but I found it to be very informative. I have watched the video of Andres last dive a million times. I can't understand what her husband was thinking. His wife should have been his priority not a new record. I have seen the video of the woman she was trying to beat & she was phenomenal but she had a support system all the way to the sea floor.I strongly believe this was murder. If you are fascinated by free diving this book is must.
  •     Written truth she deserves!
  •     I have not yet read this, but am familiar with the background and premise. I think that there would be more sales with a lower price.
  •     great book ,provides all the details surrounding audreys death ,it clearly implicates the author as a key contributer to this disaster, but that chapter is missing in the bookcarlos provides countless details descibing the atmosphere surrounding the dive operation preceding the last attempt.he had more than enough reason to cancel this dive., and no excuse for the lack of safety measureshow much does a clip on lift balloon cost?? why did pascal not have oneI bought this book used because I smelled a rat
  •     Hi:I am a TEC diver and diving instructor since approx. 20 years. A book about a freediving accident was not exactly what I was looking for! So I went through a couple of reviews and decided to buy it, anyhow...Well, to put it bluntly: i read it in one take. It was absolutely absorbing and thrilling, like a top crime story; but full with information, only an insider could reveal!As well I was really shocked about the b/w pictures of the accident and the lack of overall-security during the whole freediving record attempt!If you are interested in either background information on this sad event, on subtle personal details about Audrey, whether if you are a freediver orwant to look into the relation between Audrey an Pipin: go an read it!If you want to look at the cover or the TOC:[...]%2011it is item [105].
  •     All is true, except the theory that Pippin Ferreras had staged all this for an "heroic" rescue attempt.There is evidence that he had marked Audrey for sacrificial death by asking her to wear the name of two dead divers on her wetsuit and a red bandana around her wrist. These are Santeria rituals, an African cult practiced by Pippin Ferreras. This can be seen on photos and videos shot prior to the fatal dive.There is also a video showing Pippin ascending with Audrey during his "rescue" attempt. One can clearly see him holding her throat and tilting her chin up, therefore allowing water to enter her airways. He made sure that her lungs were drowned, therefore preventing any chance for Audrey to survive. He is a murderer. If I had been Audrey's father or brother, I would have requested a thorough investigation which would have brought Pippin to justice. Unfortunately, her family did nothing to pursue that venue. May Audrey rest in peace, and may her murderer be brought to justice, in this life or the next...
  •     I'm not a free diver but this story was riveting. I live in South Florida and that made the story so relevant to know that this true story took place right here.

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