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Press: McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (November 19, 2007)
Author Name:Smith, Elisabeth
Edition:1st Edition


Fast, focused lessons for when you need to learn the essentials of Polish today  When traveling to a foreign country, you aren't looking to become fluent in the native tongue--you just need to learn enough to get by. 
Teach Yourself One-Day Polish supplies you with 50 key words and a handful of essential phrases and is today’s most effective, no-nonsense crash course.
The entertaining and remarkably informative 75-minute CD provides you with real-time instruction as author Elisabeth Smith teaches language essentials to a fellow airline passenger, while the eight-page booklet outlines key words and phrases from the CD in written form.
Includes one 75-minute audio CD

About the Author

Elisabeth Smith is a language teacher with more than 30 years' experience. 
She has developed bestselling language courses in many languages.


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Comment List (Total:4)

  •     It's entertaining and has lots of useful words and phrases for tourists. And I love the British accent of the actors. :) Although some of the pronunciation is questionable and there is very little grammar introduced (and Polish has very complex grammar). I already know some basic Polish and this CD leaves me not very satisfied. Although I did learn a few words from it.
  •     Plan for a bit more than a day, I am still listening after a week in Poland. It has been a lifesaver, though. Very good basic stuff, will help you get by.Only suggestion for improving it would be phonetic spelling along with the translation in the accompanying booklet.
  •     This course is hilarious! I loved the part about the "bottle of insect repellent": I have been telling it as a joke hundred times.The course does teach some Polish but, for my ear, it contained too much English. It contains some good tips.
  •     I must admit I rather pooh-poohed this item when I went into the bookshop to buy a Polish CD course, and I opted for the full 'Teach Yourself Polish', which I then found much too difficult, too fast (check out the reviews for this course). So I went back to the bookshop and bought 'One-Day Polish'.And I am so glad I did!Ignore the 'one-day' bit, of course, but within a week together with my iPod, I was most satisfyingly grounded in 'meeting and greeting', 'finding my way around', 'buying things' and 'going to a restaurant' - I had learnt 50+ words and a number of sentences - 'swietnie!' - 'Brilliant!'; maybe not completely grammatical - as 'Magda' on the disk says - "The grammar's not completely right but you're communicating!" At least I felt I was progressing.I think that this was an excellent, fun little course to get me started. It would be nice, however, if more use could have been made of CD technology, by allowing the listener to 'go back' to certain points straightaway without 're-winding' which is never accurate, thus avoiding all the English bits, which, after you've heard them several times, you don't really need again.But overall I am very happy with my purchase (I can't say the same about 'Teach Yourself Polish' which I have now gone back to!) - it would be fantastic if Elisabeth Smith could produce similar courses, each one level slightly higher. That would be great. 'wietnie!'

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