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Press: Ivan R. Dee (November 16, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-12
Author Name:Nash, Ogden


It's been more than thirty years since the appearance of a collection from America's laureate of light verse. 
Ogden Nash first gathered together an anthology of thirty years of his published works in 1959.
In 1973 his daughters gathered more than four hundred of his poems and called it I Wouldn't Have Missed It, a quote from one of his verses.
Now more poems have come to light, so his daughters have once again produced The Best of Ogden Nash, the definitive Nash anthology.
The poems display the talent of the man whose verse entranced America from the time of the Great Depression until his death in 1971.
The Best of Ogden Nash should delight old fans and introduce new readers to a unique talent.

About the Author

Ogden Nash is the best-loved poet of light verse in the United States. 
His daughter, Linell Nash Smith, has compiled this new collection.
Linell Nash Smith lives in Baltimore.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     I absolutely love Ogden Nash and was delighted to see a Kindle edition so I could carry it around easily. The content is as great as is to be expected from Ogden Nash, but the text formatting is so awful it is hard to read. In one poem I had to change the text size three different times to be able to read it. One paragraph would be normal, then it would switch to tiny text so I had to enlarge it, then the next stanza would be enormous. It was so bad I tried to return the book but Amazon kept giving me errors about reaching info on electronic orders.I am deeply disappointed - a much anticipated treat has turned into an ordeal I can't even get a refund on.
  •     Over five hundred verses gathered from a wide collection of Nash's poems results in this, a definitive Nash anthology suitable not just for college-level poetry libraries, but for general-interest lending collections. While published works comprise the bulk of this anthology, some are lesser-known works which came to light in the Nash collection at the University of Texas at Austin, and from family letters and papers, making for an outstanding, rare collection of works essential for any definitive poetry library.
  •     I had encountered Nash's poetry some years back and had an LP of The Carnival of the Animals poem read by Noel Coward with his special enunciation of all the words. Since then, I have been searching for a printed copy and this book does it for me. Nash's menagerie of animals is fun.
  •     One of the best Nash books in my collection. Always entertaining stuff and brightens my mood every time I read it. I send a copy of this book to friends who are recovering from an illness - it's always appreciated. My leanings are always unabashedly Nashedly!
  •     You know Nash's work even if you don't know his name. This collection will take you beyond "Candy is dandy...", and it's a great ride.
  •     This man was so humorous and this collection is great. Book was like new!!!
  •     Love this
  •     I enjoy Ogden Nash's poetry. It is written with a sense of humor (though often, it seems, his lines are not very metrical).
  •     Funny, clever poet. Three thumbs up
  •     I was introduced to Ogden Nash many, many years ago when I was in Junior High School. I must say that many of his witticisms have remained with me throughout the years, some for...
  •     Not all the ones I like, but close. Great Poems
  •     A gift. . . Very well received.
  •     I love this book.
  •     This is a great selection of Nash's stuff, including a any number of items that were completely new to me. However, the formatting is awful. The book has been done as a series of images, which means that the Kindle type size adjustment key does nothing. Many pages are in such small type that a lot of people will find them unreadable or very burdensome to read. Being well into middle age and myopic from childhood, I had to take off my glasses and hold the Kindle about 6 inches from my nose. Not a pleasant reading experience.
  •     One of my favorite poets. When I was a child my mother read Eugene Field poems to me. A good poet, but poems are too depressing for my taste. Discovered Ogden Nash when my own children were little. Love his funny humor. My short and sweet favorite:I don't mind eelsExcept as mealsAnd the way they feels.
  •     The writings of Ogden Nash have a unique rhythm and tempo. The humor, and style, coupled with subtle sagacity makes for a wonderful read, both aloud and to oneself. This should be required reading at all levels of education, so that students can see and hear what can really be done with words.TONY HOROWITZ
  •     No problems at all with this order; I am very satisfied .
  •     Great book--compiled by one of Nash's daughters.

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