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Press: Scholastic Teaching Resources (Theory an; 60613th edition (January 1, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-1
Author Name:Burke, Jim


The Teacher's Essential Guide to Classroom Management offers classroom teachers concise, effective solutions to the most common instructional challenges they face. 
These solutions are based on a combination of research and Jim's own experience as a public school teacher who gets up every morning and works with his own students.
Classroom management is about not only creating an effective classroom environment but reducing teachers' stress, increasing productivity - for both teachers and students -- and ensuring a safe, equitable environment committed to the proposition that all kids can learn and succeed For use with Grades 6–12.

About the Author

Jim Burke is an English teacher at Burlingame High School in California. 
He has received numerous awards, including the NCTE Intellectual Freedom Award, the NCTE Conference on English Leadership Award, and the California Reading Association Hall of Fame Award.
He has served on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Committee on Adolescence and Young Adulthood English Language Arts Standards and he recently worked with ACT on their high school English Language Arts standards.
His published books include The English Teacher's Companion, The Teacher's Daybook, Reading Reminders and Writing Reminders, 50 Essential Lessons, Academic Workout, and The Reader's Handbook.
He is also a senior consultant for the McDougal Littell literature program.


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Comment List (Total:11)

  •     This book is an easy read and it has some great advice on classroom management! It was require for a class I took, but It helped me with several others.
  •     I am usually a fan of Burke, but I wasn't really that into this one. I bought it because I was having a really, really tough time last year, and I realized how DESPERATELY I need(ed) to improve my management.I didn't find the book to be detailed enough, and it didn't have the advice I needed: How to change a tough class around when it's already half way through the year. (Maybe nobody has that advice).I would recommend "The First Days of School" by Wong for more detailed, more specific advice about classroom management. For teachers having a tough year, especially a tough first year, I would recommend Burke's "Letters to a New Teacher" for its model of self-reflection
  •     Used this book for my student teaching experience, very helpful and provides you with a lot of tips for the classroom
  •     I only wish that I had discovered this book prior to my first year of teaching. Burke avoids all the theory and hypothetical junk that most classroom books are filled with. Instead, he clearly explains the keys to master your classroom.
  •     The book Classroom Management written by Jim Burke is and excellent resource for all teachers. This book gives much needed information about classroom management.
  •     In "Classroom Management", author Jim Burke seeks to give a guide to tools for building a smooth-running classroom community where learning flourishes. The book covers four major areas, Your Classroom, Effective Instruction, Learning for All and Positive Discipline. It also includes a section on Troubleshooting. Its overall look at classroom control can help the new teacher as well as being a refresher for the experienced teacher. Its format makes it perfect for a desk reference for a teacher dealing with an issue at the moment. As an experienced teacher of youth and adults, of secular and Christian curriculums, in workshops and yearlong classes, I have found this book to be an eye opener for new ideas in teaching. I highly recommend it.
  •     Excellent resource to enhance classroom management. Easy-to-read book!
  •     Great for beginning teachers.
  •     I had to order this book for an education class that I took last semester. Many times, I don't enjoy reading books about education because they are dry or impractical. This book was neither. Burke writes in a winsome manner and offers great, practical strategies to implement in the classroom.
  •     I adopted this for my college Classroom Management class to replace Wong & Wong's "The First Days of School." This book includes much of the same information, but is much more concise and straightforward.My class is using this book in conjunction with Lemov's "Teach Like a Champion." I think they're complimentary. Lemov's book is more analytical in that it provides specific, defined techniques. Burke's book is a bit more holistic, and gets at attitudes toward teaching and toward students, as well as ways to organize one's classroom and curriculum. I consider the two books together to be "must haves" for new teachers.
  •     This book, like all of Burke's other books, provides the reader with succinct descriptions of what a classroom management plan should have and how your class should run. It's not like Wong and Wong, which is meant to be picked up and put down over and over again. With this book, you can read it in one sitting and move right into action.

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