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Press: Wei-Chuan Publishing; Bilingual edition (September 1, 2002)
Publication Date:2002-9
Author Name:Sjahir Hwang, Christine
Language:Chinese, English


Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are located in Southeast Asia. 
Because of the rich mix of cultures, ethnic groups, and religions, the cuisine of those three countries are greatly influenced by each other as well as such neighboring cultures as China and India.
these distinctly diverse blends of culinary characteristics from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia represent the cultural interchange of the region ¡V a true crossroads of Asia.
The dishes of SINGAPORE combine spices and cuisine from all over Asia.
Hainan Chicken and Rice (Nasi Ayam), Noodles in Spicy Coconut Milk Soup (Laksa Lemak), and Spiced Sparerib Soup (Bak Kut Teh) are Singapore¡¦s most popular dishes.
MALAYSIAN cuisine combines the delicacy of Chinese food with Indian spices and regional herbs; famous dishes include Penang Noodle Soup (Penang Laksa), Lacy Pancakes (Roti Jala) and Beef Sate (Sate Daging).
INDONESIAN food is known for its unique and exceptional spicy aromas and flavored dishes such as Sticky Yellow Rice (Nasi Kunjit) with Spicy Chicken Braised in Coconut Milk (Rendang Ayam), Batavia Beef Soup with Glass Noodles (Soto Betawi) and Balinese Fried Fish (Ikan Bumbu Bali).
Rarely indeed, has a cookbook come along that combines within one cookbook cover, the tantalizing cuisine from these three cultures so well.

About the Author

A third generation Chinese Born in Sumatra, Indonesia, Christina grew up surrounded by the fabulously exotic aromas and tastes of the Southeast Asian dishes prepared by her mother. 
From her mother, she developed a lifelong passion for cooking and the exploration of the many diverse and subtle flavors of the cuisine of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     Left-sided or right-sided brain; Chinese or English language literate, this cookbook is for you. The majority of recipes contain seafood, so you can learn how to fry, grill, bake or steam it in SM&IC.Looking for Chinese dishes using any form of coconut, I was thrilled to find 15 recipes, four of which were made with coconut milk and four with coconut gravy.Directions by food writer, Christina Sjahir Hwang, are meant for either side of the brain cooks. "Rub with {number 1} mix in {number 2) and add {number 3) is just one of the many examples.
  •     This is an amazing cookbook. If the bilingual recipes didn't give it away, the recipes would -- this is incredibly authentic and varied cooking. The other positive reviews here are exactly on the mark. The photos are a good indication of the real food you will cook.
  •     Goodbook, great images !!!
  •     Being a native Indonesian far away from home, I crave for the rich and savory flavor of the cuisine from these three countries. Unlike Thai cuisine, Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine is still not well known here in United States. Therefore there are limited restaurants that offer this cuisine. You can imagine my agony of having to suppress my craving until I make a trip to these restaurants in NYC or Toronto. It all changed after I bought this cookbook. This cookbook is amazing! It contains 68 recipes that are divided into Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian recipe sections. A one-page spread picture accompanies each recipe, which is very helpful for people who are not familiar with this cuisine. The author starts by introducing the countries and their cuisine followed by glossary of ingredients, seasonings, spices and herbs. It then continues with recipes for stocks, condiments, pickled salads, sambal chilli sauces (used like chutneys in Indian cuisine), and assorted spice pastes. These spice pastes are used in a lot of the recipes and they are what give this cuisine its fragrant, rich and savory flavors. This book offers specialties from Singapore (Hainan chicken rice, spiced sparerib soup, spring roll, laksa, spicy crabs, sweet coconut rice balls, etc), Malaysia (fried noodle, coconut rice, sate, beef curry,vegetable with grated coconut, etc) and Indonesia (beef rendang, eggs in spicy red sauce, java salad or gado gado, turmeric fried chicken, etc). I have tried more than a dozen of the recipes and they all taste fantastic! Most of all they taste authentic. They are a huge hit with my American boyfriend and roomate. There are some ingredients that are hard to find, even in Asian markets (especially in small towns). I had to shop online at an Indonesian grocery store to find most of the hard to find ingredients like candlenut, dried galangal, pandan leaves, palm sugar, kaffir leaves and shrimp paste. However, they are worth it. I use dried galangal because I don't have access to fresh ones. I substitute fresh red chilli with bottled ground chilli paste called Sambal Oelek. It works just as wonderful! I think this is the most authentic and remarkable cookbook I have. It is simple, clear, precise and a gem. I would recommend this cookbook if you want to bring authentic new flavors to your table. It helps ease my homesickness. Nowadays, I call my mom up to say "I made beef rendang today!"... something I had never said before this cookbook.
  •     Finally, a cookbook that satisfies my frequent cravings for foods like padang spicy beef, sate, and hainan chicken!!
  •     This cookbook is a 'must have' for those who want a taste of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The instruction is easy to follow, and the result is amazing!
  •     After having now tried almost every recipe in this book, I can say that they are all absolutely delicious!
  •     If you're looking for some authentic delicious SE Asian dishes, this is the cookbook you should get.The instructions are easy to follow, with beautiful pictures for every dish. So far I haven't had any problems finding ingredients yet. I improvised for stuff I didn't have (candlenuts, for one), but the results were still spectacular. 5 stars!
  •     The Wei-Chuan Publishing Company (apparently connected with the Taiwanese Wei-Chuan Cooking School), has produced a good number of Cookbooks, mostly dealing with Chinese cookery...
  •     This is an amazing book, it immediately made it into my personal cookbook top ten. The photos are nice, the recipes work out perfectly, everything tastes great.
  •     Item as described. Quick shipping/nice packing.
  •     Great book of references but had to do a lot of re measuring. The receives called to too much of an ingredient and they were in ounces not cups.
  •     Everything about this book is great: the food, pictures (we can actually see what the meal is supposed to look like)not to mention that the books were new and arrived in no time. I would definitely go back to this seller.

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