Apocalypse How: Turn the End-Times into the Best of Times!

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Press: Running Press (May 13, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-5
Author Name:Kutner, Rob


People have been predicting the end of the world since...well, the beginning of it. 
Oh, the form it takes may vary-firestorm, earthquake, plague, new ice age, alien invasion, nuclear cloud, or the rise of our machines-but everyone who survives will be starting over at Square One.
Your needs won't be that different from today's: food, shelter, work, finances, relationships, 24-hour cable....
But you'll have more raw materials to deal with.
Apocalypse How is the humorous how-to-guide to living your best life possible (after the Apocalypse renders your current quality of life null and void.) Organized like a travel or lifestyle guide, the book tells you all you need to know in order to fend off zombies, forge for non-radioactive food, and make the most of your new dwelling (while ignoring the ash outline of its previous occupants on the far wall.)This handy volume includes such essential sections as: What to Expect When We're Exploding Before We Blow: Your Essential To-Hoard List Should You Stay or Should You Flee? Questionnaire Sex, Love, and Dating: What if You Are the Last Man on Earth? The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Petty Tyrants The Apocalyptic Aptitude Test Apocalypse How is guaranteed to be of use in the world to come.
It also makes a handy defense weapon if thrown, and firestarter if needed.

About the Author

Rob Kutner is a writer for the Emmy-winning The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and contributor to the New York Times bestselling America. 
He lives in New York City.


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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     Yields just enough humor to keep it on the book lists. Written OK, looks good.I learned a lot from reading this book. It's always good to know how anti folks think of others. IMO, it's a good template.
  •     Like a few other reviewers I found the first few sections to be pretty funny. However, after a while the jokes got very predictable and in some cases (haha cannibalism is acceptable in an apocalypse, I get it). A lot of the jokes fell flat for me as well. All the alien overlord jokes were barely funny the first time...enough already. I also went in thinking that many of the suggestions would be real suggestions for apocalypse with a tongue and cheek edge like "Zombie Survival Guide",but most were just attempts to make a bad joke ie. relocating to a Mount Rushmore with a mutant radioactive two headed Abe Lincoln carved into it har har har. Not for me but others might like it.
  •     Rob Kutner has one of the most entertaining methods of displaying dreary, apocalyptic, end all times... I get sucked into his perspectives on things and loose myself in the writing. I appreciate his sense of humor and look forward to the expansion of his name in my library.
  •     I was expecting more from the comedic-horror-survival, genre, but alas Apocalypse How is what I got. Not entirely diappointing but I went in with high expectations of Max Brooks. This book was not without it comedic value, just that the value was so low as not to carry it through to the end. The book gets old about half way through.
  •     Simplistically written...sometimes painfully so...it did make me laugh occasionally...I'd recommend this book be placed in the outhouse for visitors to read through...
  •     Great tips for the end of times! I can't wait for them to get here so I can try out my bunker and free-range everything! Too funny, so get it!
  •     this book starts off fairly well with alot of interesting and almost funny ideas but as the book dragged on it seemed like the author just ran out of new ideas to write about.
  •     The book was a quick read and although funny at times the laughs per $ didn't add up
  •     Do you fear the end of the world? Rob Kutner's new book makes it seem like it will be as fun as a trip to Disneyland!Apocalpyse How presents many ways that the world as we know it might end: nuclear holocaust, robot revolt (a la Flight Of The Conchords' song "The Humans Are Dead"), alien invasion, global warming. And it gives some really funny advice about how we can not just survive, but thrive in the new world order.There are perhaps one too many references to cannibalism for my taste, but Kutner's clever writing and sharp wit makes up for it. My favorite part was the "Fun & Games" chapter near the end of the book.The book does not give enough credit to illustrator Joshua McDonnell. His drawings, photographs and collages are superb, and are as strong of a presence as the writing itself.
  •     Used this book for a school project about dystopia in the future. Well wrote and highly funny dark humor. Look forward to other books for future reading.
  •     I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Highly recommended for people who are Conan O'Brien fans. Similar humor style.
  •     This book is hilarious...somewhat helpful...mostly hilarious.
  •     This looks like a little book on the outside, but I was impressed at how much was inside. The pages are a work of art -- no plain white paper, here, they feature a rich collection of textures, illustrations, photos and diagrams designed to entertain and please the eye. Some of my favorites were the sketched blueprint for a new cave to live in and the body diagrams of a man and woman with lines pinpointing various ailments and their causes.This book is most certainly a humor piece -- if you want something that takes itself seriously, this is not for you. I personally love the tongue-in-cheek writing and parodies of common everyday things. Highlights include a recipe section (self-microwaving popcorn from irradiated fields, anyone?), a list a doomsdays according to various religions (this book prepares you for any apocalypse no matter how it happens -- they also cover aliens, for example), advice for post-apocalyptic romance and marriage, and a Monopoly board parody called "Armageddonopoly."There is a "look on the bright side" attitude throughout, and this is a great book to flip open to any page and read for a little bit because each section is fun to read on its own.
  •     I've re-read Kutner's second book "The Future According to Me" dozens of times and never fail to get a laugh out of it. "Apocalypse How" was merely amusing in comparison, but still kind of fun.

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