Too Old for MySpace, Too Young for Medicare

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Press: Andrews McMeel Publishing (April 1, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-4
Author Name:Green, Joey/ Corcoran, Alan


If you've bought Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl, eight track, cassette, CD, DVD, and MP3, then this book is for you. 
According to the U.S.
Census Bureau, 330 people officially reach middle age with each passing hour.More Too Old for MySpace, Too Young for MedicareWith generational icons like Jon Stewart, Molly Ringwald, and miscellaneous members of the Brat Pack now advancing into their 40s, suddenly middle age seems more synonymous with Generation X than the baby boomers of yesteryear.
For those celebrating their official entry into middle age, or those just on the upper-thirty-something cusp, Joey Green offers dozens of defining characteristics that indicate you're likely too old for MySpace, but too young for Medicare:* You have a remote control that controls your remotes.* You went through childhood without an infant seat, airbag, or seatbelt-and lived to tell about it.* You remember when Coca-Cola was available in only one flavor.


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  •     248 pages of thoughts that bring back the "Good Old Days";and even if you are approaching 3/4 0f a Century like me ;it doesn't seem all that long ago.I won't even attempt to pick out my favorites,because they all seem much the same to me.This little tome got me thinking of some of the other things that were thought to be something that would go on forever,but have become lost over time;usually without realizing they are gone and mostly forgotten.The one thing though, that I noticed was that there were many names mentioned that came and went during my mid years that I missed all together.This was particularly with actors and people from the music world. Here are a few things that I would like to contribute.However, since I was born in 1935,and well remember WWII,some of these things were never even known to the "Baby Boomers "who much of this book seems to cover. Everyone knew who the Good Guys and Bad Guys were."We" were the good Guys and The Krauts or Nazis and Hitler,Stalin and the Ruskies,and Tojo and the Japs were the Bad Guys.In the movies, the Bad Guys wore black hats and the Good Guys wore the white ones.Dissenters running around suggesting maybe "We" were the the Bad Guys simply didn't exist,not like today. If you wanted Ice Cream,you had to go to the Ice Cream Parlour.It wasn't sold in the Grocery Store.It wouldn't have been too practical since many had no refrigerator at home till after WWII" was over.The same with Soda Pop. Pea Shooters and a pocket full of peas or beans,a slingshot made from a tree branch,a leather tongue fron an old shoe and rubber from a bicycle tire tube;a pocketful of allies or marbles;and for the older kids a pocket knife to play a game of "Jacknife" in the school yard were all standard items at recess time;while the girls had skipping ropes and sold fudge to raise money for the Red Cross.I guess any one of these things could cause a panic if found today. Then, what about when every boy you grew grew out of playing "Cowboys & Indians with cap pistols and now wanted and got his BB Gun.The only instruction you would get was "Make sure you don't shoot out anybody's eyes or windows;because John Brown (the Chief of Police who every kid said hello to when he met him) will catch you,and you'll go to Reform School,and don't come to me or your father for sympathy." By the way,with just about every boy having a BB Gun,I never heard of anyone getting their eye shot out.Maybe it would make more sense today to bring back the BBGuns and Jacknives,Reform Schools,and Police that were respected;and getting Drugs out of the schooyards. When I see the re-runs of the movie "A Christmas Story" written by Jean Shepherd where the kid wanted a BBGun,probably a Red Rider model,I wonder what the Baby Boomers are thinking of;it was something they came along too late to know about. All I got to do to think about what were popular in my youth ,is to remember the Comics.Those were the days of "Dick Tracy",(which BTW can still be read on the Net),"Little Orphan Annie","L'il Abner",Smilin'Jack",Mutt and Jeff",Red Ryder",Henry",Smokey Stover,Pogo",Captain Marvel,just to name a few.Political Correctness took over and who reads the Comics anymore? And that's the way it was.......
  •     This is the funniest book. I was with my son when I found it in a bookstore but he didn't find it funny since he didn't understand it. He's 17. He walked away like he didn't know me because I was laughing so hard. I can relate, he doesn't know life before call waiting, caller ID, computers and he's had a cell phone since he was in 5th grade. But I'm stuck in the middle exactly how it says, I'm too old for myspace but I'm too young to be on medicare. So I remember when video cameras were as big as a breadbox. But how can teenagers relate to that since every cell phone has video on it? It's definately worth buying. I put it in the living room and all my friends have gravitated to that book, picked it up and before long, they're laughing as hard as I do. My son's friends pick it up, scrunch up their nose and shake their head like they're reading something in Latin. It's certainly a book you'll want to read. So I say get the book, read it ... re-read it because you'll find that you missed a lot the first time and display it so your friends can read it. (:

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