Pimsleur Greek (Modern) Conversational Course - Level 1 Lessons 1-16 CD: Learn to Speak and Understand Modern Greek with Pimsleur Language Programs

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Press: Pimsleur; 2 edition (January 1, 2006)
Publication Date:2005-12
Author Name:Pimsleur
Edition:2nd Edition


Pimsleur® equals success. 
Just one 30-minute lesson a day gets you speaking and understanding like no other program.
This course includes Lessons 1-16 from the Greek (Modern) Level 1 Program.
8 hours of audio-only effective language learning with real-life spoken practice sessions.
Each lesson provides 30 minutes of spoken language practice, with an introductory conversation, and new vocabulary and structures.
Detailed instructions enable you to understand and participate in the conversation.
Practice for vocabulary introduced in previous lessons is included in each lesson.
Topics include: greetings, numbers, meals, shopping, telling time, scheduling activities, and asking and giving directions.
The emphasis is on pronunciation and comprehension, and on learning to speak Greek (Modern).
The Greek (Modern) Language Greek (Modern) is the official language of Greece and one of the official languages of Cyprus.
Many modern scientific and technical words in English are derived from Greek (Modern), and it has been estimated that 12% of the English vocabulary is of Greek (Modern) origin.
This course teaches Modern Greek (Modern).
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About the Author

Paul Pimsleur devoted his life to language teaching and testing and was one of the world’s leading experts in applied linguistics.
After years of experience and research, Dr.
Pimsleur developed The Pimsleur Method based on two key principles: the Principle of Anticipation and a scientific principle of memory training that he called “Graduated Interval Recall.” This Method has been applied to the many levels and languages of the Pimsleur Programs.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     This one consists of the first 16 lessons out of the total 30 lessons. You should not get this abridged version if you want to progress to Greek Level II. I recommend to check your public library for the full version for both Level I and Level II. The full CD sets are manufactured by Recorded Books LLC who is careless about the manufacturing process (some CD album names are set to Russian or German). At least there is no skipping in sound.
  •     Audio without flashcards. It's well prescribed, but at least for me, if I don't see the written words , it's a little difficult to follow. I've gone to some online translators and created written flash cards to go along, and then I understand much better. While the lessons don't teach conjugation, etc. in a formal way, one can understand those aspects just by seeing the written word. So with just a little work it could be very useful, as it is, just OK & needing other supplementation.
  •     I am using this course as a refresher for my Greek language training at DLI 34 years ago. In that time I lost my fluency. I find the course a great refresher. The course is taught in the modern formal Greek and makes the scenarios and repetition interesting.. The enunciation of the instructors are clear. I recommend this course and will try the Pimsleur Spanish course next.
  •     I purchased this program just because I'm interested in learning Greek (no plans to visit nor do I know anyone who speaks it fluently), and I have a 40-minute roundtrip commute every day. This is such a great and convenient way to learn a unique language at an extremely affordable price! I agree that it doesn't provide a ton of nouns or other vocab, but certainly provides the basics and foundation for learning even more in the future. (Or even picking it up from fluent speakers.) I'm planning on "trading up" to the comprehensive package once I complete it (only about 4 lessons to go), so that's a very nice feature as well.Highly recommend this to anyone curious about learning a new and interesting language!
  •     Excellent way to learn Greek language with ample repitition of words & phrases. Listening in my car while driving helped me nail down the basics.
  •     I, too, am half-Greek and, although both my parents spoke Greek while I was growing up, they didn't teach me.
  •     I purchased this as a birthday gift for my 10 year old nephew, who wanted to learn Greek. He loves it and gives it a thumbs up!
  •     I'm on the 3rd disc so far and love it! I know some Greek already so it is easier for me to understand the pronunciation.
  •     Great way to learn conversational languages, we have several different languages. Some we have graduated to advanced courses. This is a way to learn a new language in the car. No books and verb conjugations. Just learn to speak. CAUTIOIN; When overseas, your pronunciation will be very good. You will not have the "gringo accent" so the native speakers will think you are more fluent than you actually are. On business trips, people will be thrilled that you are trying to learn their language and culture and will go out of their way to help you.
  •     Not much included for the money
  •     Not as good as the Turkish. Big difference in the pronunciation and intonation between male and female voices. Conversations are too fast.
  •     I got this course to gain a working knowledge of the language before vacationing in Greece. I really like this course because the 30 minute lessons are easy to understand and are just long enough to learn something useful without causing brain fatigue. I like the way each lesson builds on the preceding one with a review of what was learned before, before proceeding into new material. The lesson format is a bit like a good workout at the gym - first a "warm-up" using what you have learned before, then adding a few new words or phrases, then about 16 minutes into the lesson, a bigger challenge making different types of sentences and phrases, both in statement and question form using all your previously learned language skills, and for the last 5 minutes or so a "cool-down" where you listen and repeat and integrate all of the lesson content. With the CDs it is easy to listen at home or especially making use of travel time in the car. The male and female speakers dialoguing are very helpful for correct pronounciation and confidence speaking the language. This course teaches one how to say certain set phrases, but more than this, it gives you the grammatical knowledge of how to recombine words to construct your own phrases in Greek. I found I am learning grammatical constructions painlessly. This is a purely audio course which I think makes it easier to learn since there is no distraction of having to visualize words or letters. However, a visual person might find they need to see the word in print.
  •     This just arrived this week. I listen to the CD's in the car. Each lesson is about 30 minutes. I find that I have to listen to them 3x each, but that might be me. What I really like is that not only am I learning the language so that I can converse, but there are listening portions too. That helps me with understanding what I hear.The problem (one problem) I've had with Greek is that I can't tell where one word begins and another ends. Something I picked up in the first lesson with Pimsleur is that the words tend to run together. It's the way it's spoken.So far, so good. At first I wanted to SEE the words, this course is on audio only. But after I gave up that idea, I simply listened. I think I'm a visual learner, so I didn't hold out much hope, but I find that as I go about my day I can recall the words and phrases I learned. The fact that each syllable is enunciated repeatedly helps too. I feel like I'm pronouncing the words properly.Right now I'm very hopeful. If/when I order the next level, I'll report back.
  •     This helped me to prepare for a trip to Greece. It was well presented, but it would have been helpful to at least have some sort of printed reference for the lessons -- not necessarily a text, but something to refer to when they are pronouncing words and you need to distinguish between "m" and "n", or "t" and "d", or you aren't sure if it's a single word or multiple words together.
  •     great!
  •     Our kids are going to Greece on their honeymoon, so I got this as a Christmas gift to study before they leave in the Spring---they were excited.

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