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Press: IES Publications (January 2, 2007)
Author Name:Cramer, Neville W.


One of the most experienced INS Special Agents in the U.S. 
Department of Justice divulges the real causes of America's seemingly uncontrollable immigration problems and suggests many practical solutions.
His descriptions of the ineptitude, cronyism and political shennanigans inside the INS and now the Department of Homeland Security are both mind-boggling and scary.
The reader will also learn more about nebulous terms like guest worker program, employer sanctions, and comprehensive immigration reform.
The anecdotes and straightforward reasoning make this book a must read for anyone who is concerned about America's failing immigration policies.


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  •     Neville Cramer has put into stark relief the immigration problem that looms: how it is versus how it should be. Surely someone, like him, who has mastered his craft should be called upon to help guide US immigration in the next administration, whether Republican or Democrat. This book is a must read for everyone who is concerned, as they should be, about the immigration imbroglio. Thanks Neville for job well done.Ray BaysdenInternational Security Expert
  •     Mr. Cramer has made a significant and apodictic analysis of the broken immigration system. As a 34 year law enforcement officer I suggest that Neville W. Cramer be appointed as Secretary of Homeland Security.Cramer's solutions to the immigration chaos are exceptionally well reasoned and could save taxpayers billions of dollars. His documented waste of millions and millions of taxpayer dollars clearly demonstrates his experience and skills in the realm of immigration reform is palpable.I strongly recommend that every elected official in the United States read and study Cramer's book - and apply the text as a bible for future action.
  •     Mr. Cramer cuts through the typical governmental "big-bureaucracy BS" doled out by the talking heads. After reading this book, I now know most of the media and governmental people pushing one agenda or another are clueless as to what works. This book provides a clear and concise description of the problem, as well as demonstrated successful solutions to the dual problems of immigration and border security. No one can competently discuss these issues until they have read this book. This book is literally "the Bible" on how to solve this critical and devilishly complicated problem.As a 25-year commercial pilot working inside the seemingly insane world of DHS security, I too wholeheartedly support moving Neville Cramer into a command position in the DHS. Only by placing people who have the experience and first-hand knowledge of the problem, and experience in what solutions have been successful, will we ever make headway in solving this colossal issue. This book offers concise and proven solutions.
  •     I was interested to see this author has written another book. Equally as good, succinct and to the point. Buy it. It seams there are solutions to the problem!
  •     A book for everyone beginning with members of congress and the administration beginning with POTUS. The problems with our immigration system are outlined and described in detail with solutions suggested that are thought provoking to say the least.
  •     I had read this authors previous book "Fixing the INsanity" and wished there had been more detailed solutions - this book fills most of those gaps.
  •     Mr. Cramer has opened the lid on a can of worms that used to be INS and also given readers a peek at what's crawling around in INS'new containers at DHS. His book is not a "sour grapes", tell all diatribe of a disgruntled, disheartened former employee of a dysfunctional agency. It is a professional law enforcement officer's candid examination of a problem that could lead to the demise of the America we know today.Mr. Cramer's career naturally focuses him onto the law enforcement aspect of the problem and his many humorous, but serious personal anecdotes, show a lack of law enforcement and political will at the problem's core. The book does not just point fingers at the long list of negative consequences of illegal immigration. It proposes a variety of viable solutions. If the INS legacy morphed into DHS is an indicator, Mr. Cramer's current proposals will likely also be ignored by the current regime.My fervent hope is that this book is not just read by the law enforcement choir but by all Americans, who want a glimpse at America's immigration process gone awry and how to fix it.
  •     The author is a retired INS agent and knows his stuff. He explains the problems and the solutions without getting too technical. Why this man is not on CNN or Fox News is puzzling.If you want to know how to solve the immigration problem cheaply, humanely, and without amnesty, check this book out.
  •     This highly qualified writer has put on paper the reasons why our broken immigration system has not worked. Basically, he tells story after first hand story about how unqualified or politically appointed or motivated or just plain weak people have been managing our Federal immigration enforcement bureaucracy without any accountability for their egregious behavior.Evident in his narrative is the basic reason. The open border cheap labor corporate crowd led by the US Chamber of Commerce, abetted by ethnic and religious special interest groups like La Raza and the Catholic Church has influenced our Federal government at its highest levels to ignore solutions, the major ones being strengthening employer sanctions and cleaning up the mess of illegal aliens' lack of being identified.What many reform agencies now want is a strenthening of E-verify. He does not specifically treat E-verify in this book. This is a glaring ommission because so many legitimate agencies seeking real reform such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), NumbersUSA, etc. see this as a benchmark need. He only mentions these groups peripherally. How many does he regularly work with. In union there is strength.Another weakness is a lack of an good index, without which he makes referencing specific points hard for the reader.Cramer suggests many ways to improve ID, but he vehemently opposes a national ID card, suggesting instead that birth certificates form the basis for a National Birth Certificate NBC). The NBC would be the only document with which we could obtain other documents such as a passport, a Social Security number. To do this we need a vastly improved national birth record data base, which would, in his view, cut ID theft, be used to verify job eligibility, etc.His executive summary at the end is helpful Pages 275 to 282 puts his points into focus. However, he uses the well known open border crowd's amnesty label of "comprehensive immigration reform" to head his list of things to do, without nailing CIR as a long term dodge for real reform.A good editor would vastly improve an update of this generally useful book, sharpening its focus and helping the author recommend practical avenues when political progress could actually be made.Published in 2007, the book is already outdated, but would be a good start on another edition. I want to know why he isn't working more closely with those, like him, who seek real immigration reform

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