The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen: Classroom Edition

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Press: Knowledge Publications (June 23, 2010)
Author Name:Teed, P. Litherland


Once again Knowledge Publications has reached into the past to bring to you one of the best books ever written on Hydrogen, it proves that some of the best hydrogen experts ever were contemporaries of your grandfathers and great grandfathers. 
This is the first printing of The Chemistry and Manufacture of Hydrogen since 1919! With the republication of this book and others like it we are realizing the most fundamental purpose for producing written records: the preservation and rediscovery of knowledge.


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  •     Older information but amazing multiple ways to make hydrogen.
  •     The translation from word processor to Kindle formatgot badly mixed up. The math is unusable. For example:"Using 10% solution of caustic potash as the electrolyte the drop per plate is2'3-2'5. the current density is about 18-25 amperes per square foot. whilethe production is 5*9 ft3 hydrogen per kilowatt hour."
  •     Hydrogen is one of the elements that is easily at our grasp that can be used as a fuel or for energy. Of course, the power and gas companies do not want us to find this out, just as they kept Nicolas Tesla's knowledge from getting out. It is a shame what the evil giants have done for mone and power. Their day is coming. Knowledge is power.

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