Making Magnificent Machines: Fun With Math, Science, and Engineering

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Press: Prufrock Press (January 1, 2008)
Author Name:McBride, Carol


Students will have fun creating whimsical animated machines from recycled objects while meeting national science and math standards using this activity book of practical construction applications. 
Science as inquiry becomes part of building the machines.
Students also will experiment with math to determine materials and measurements that make his or her machine perform its best.
Fourteen step-by-step projects are provided, emphasizing key concepts of potential, kinetic, and electrical energy; inclined plane; fulcrum, lever, and pulley; weights and balances; characteristics of moving objects; principles of flight; and action and reaction.
Students will enjoy hands-on learning while making ducks that lay golden eggs, cars that really race, an extraordinary Ferris wheel, or jumping bat wings.
Grades K–8


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  •     Everyone has so much fun.I learned to teach by teaching these activities. Every project is green, and shows the student how to reuse. It taught me to be innovative in the classroom and even more green in my instruction.Smart crafts: Structural Engineering, how to put things together so they stay together and work; Green: reuse. Recyclables are the soul of every project.Unique art projects like a goose that really does lay an egg.Each project has Step by step visual and verbal instructions. My students are challenged and love creating their own toys.Encourages problems solving. Teaches kinetic energy. Stimulates the imagination. Kids build their own toys out of recyclables like cereal boxes, sour cream containers, milk jugs, paper tubes. The children are always enjoying themselves, laughing, playing, and helping each other.Kids learn to create toys out of junk. Builds on social skills along with their engineering knowledge.I love it, and recommend it to everyone. Even parents that home school.

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