The Legacy of Arab-Islam In Africa: A Quest for Inter-religious Dialogue

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Press: Oneworld Publications (August 27, 2001)
Author Name:Azumah, John Alembillah


This new book reassess the presence of Islam in Africa.


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  •     Insightful and balanced and compelling! Greatly surpasses my expectations with its breadth, comparative analyses and scholarly research on African Islam.
  •     This is a well written, deeply researched and balanced presentation of the less than benign role of Islam in Africa and the devastating Muslim slave trade, which overwhelms the Alantic slave trade in duration, extent and brutality. It carefully distinguishes the context, motivations, and impact of pre-Islamic slavery in Africa from the more economically, politically and religiously motivated and sanctioned fourteen centuries of Muslim slavery in Africa. It reviews centuries of Arabic, Persian, and Turkish works back to even medieval times which demonize blacks as "...lazy, stupid, evil-smelling and lecherous slaves...", or "untruthful, vicious, sexually unbridled, ugly and distorted...", or being "nothing more or less than the symbol of wickedness and barbarism...", or which claim that "the Negro does not differ from an animal in anything except his hands have been lifted from the earth", and thus justifiably questions if `the extent to which racial prejudice in Western Europe against blacks could have Muslim influences, since the former owes much of its medieval literature and philosophical tradition to Muslims'.Especially sobering is the observation that by '...placing blacks under a mythological curse, stereotyping and stigmatizing them on account of the content of their belief and color of their skin, Muslims of all races waged war against and raided Africans, killing millions and reducing others to slaver of the last 14 centuries.'It is noted that while both the non-Muslim and Muslim worlds must understand these ugly facts, Muslims in particular must also accept the Muslim share of responsibility for the consequent centuries of untold pain and suffering heaped on Africans by the introduction of a foreign religion and in the name of the God of that religion, if there is to be constructive dialogue between the two.This is powerful read for anyone interested in more than an apologia for Islam in Africa.
  •     Very good book. It reflects the opinion of the author which is quite different than the classical view on slave-trade.
  •     Excellent book!
  •     A great scholar once said "religion is the deification of a culture"...through Arab Muslim's own words, this book really shows that's what Arab Muslims believe.
  •     The Legacy Of Arab-Islam In AfricaBefore posting my thoughts, I read a number of reviews.
  •     Interesting but not necessarily an "easy read". The title gives a good indication of the author's writing style throughout the book.
  •     A most wonderful research! This part of the Slave Trade and its effects on Africa and its peoples has been covered up and not talked about at all.
  •     An excellent window into an essential part of history that I was completely unaware of. The author labored through extensive and what must have been exhausing research and documents to support his findings. Anyone who seeks to know more about the development of Arab-related slavery in Africa will find this a must-read.
  •     Fast delivery keep up the great work
  •     This gem of a book is excellent, informative, well-evidenced, engaging and extremely insightful, written by an excellent researcher, Dr.
  •     Highly recommend for every black person must read.
  •     A book every black person should read. It details very important points about how and why about the Arab-Islam slave trade in Africa
  •     Lots of books are being written to acquaint westerners with the realities of Islam. That will put us in a better position to respond and to understand. In particular there are many myths regarding whether Islam is "for" black people. The truth is that Islam perhaps more than the western cultures had a devastating effect on Africa and still does today. Before you embrace Islam as a solution to the problems of racism and slavery, understand how Islam contributed to the enslavement of Africans.

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