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Press: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (September 8, 1997)
Author Name:Wilkinson, Bruce H. (EDT)/ Kirk, Paula A. (EDT)/ Hoover, John W. (EDT)


A popular and best-selling Bible edition, The Daily Walk Bible is now available in the New International Version. 
Featuring 365 devotional readings from Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, this perfect quiet-time devotional Bible also includes an excellent method for reading the entire Bible in one year.
The Daily Walk Bible is perfect for those interested in a Bible with daily devotions.Special Features: Scripture divided into 365 readings Book introductions give the historical setting and main themes of each book Overview provides a glimpse into each day's reading Daily Walk notes offer specific ways to apply the Bible to life Insight notes provide fascinating information that helps build Bible knowledge Charts and sidebars help readers understand important information

From the Back Cover

Let's face it, reading through the Bible is hard. 
It's easy to get stopped, stumped, tripped up, or otherwise discouraged.It's hard to know how much to read, where we left off, or how to fit the pieces together so that the Bible makes sense as a whole as well as in its parts.
We have great intentions, plans, and dreams.
And then we hit Leviticus."The Daily Walk Bible" makes getting through the Bible easier.
It doesn't rearrange the Scripture.
There's no complicated reading plan.
It's simple: start at the beginning and follow the daily reading plan.
Each day you'll explore a little more of God's story.Six days a week you'll get an Overview of the day's reading, an Insight, and a practical devotion titled "My Daily Walk." Every seventh day is set aside to review the past week, look ahead to the next, and, most importantly, look up to God.Walk Thru the BibleFor more than three decades, Walk Thru the Bible has been dedicated to igniting passion for God's Word worldwide.
Live events and small-group curricula are taught in over 45 languages by more than 80,000 people in more than 80 countries, and more than 100 million devotionals have been packaged into daily magazines, books, and other publications that reach over 5 million people each year.
To find out more about the global reach of Walk Thru the Bible, find them on the web at
"This is my favorite Bible for daily devotions.
Before"The Daily Walk Bible, " I had never made it through the entire Bible.
Now I've read it three times, and I've gained fresh insights and found myself newly challenged each time." --Jeff

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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     I had a paper copy of the Living Bible version. This allowed me to carry it on my iPad. It's a great resource giving you a daily summary, timeline, reference and question to ponder- all along with the reading the word.
  •     If I could only take two things with me from my religous book shelf, this would be one of them.There is no substitute for alone time with God and getting to know him.The daily walk bible has done more for me keeping a regular daily quiet time with God than any other resource.The daily "Overviews", "My Daily Walk" (present day application / devotional) and "Insights" are outstanding.I prefer the layout in the 2013 edition better, but the content is the same.
  •     Enjoying daily easy reading.
  •     Haven't done much reading in the notes, but the Bible itself seems durable and flexible enough and the print is easy on the eyes. Good price as well.
  •     great way to read your Bible in a year, outstanding application to everyday life and a good pace time wise
  •     Awesone! Just what I needed for my daily devotion reading.
  •     Let's me stick to a study plan on a daily basis. This is my second book in a different version.
  •     Great to check!
  •     Very good book to learn God's word. Bought for a bible study group. Love it!
  •     Love it! This is a very helpful book.
  •     I have been trying hard to read the bible within a year with these kinds of bibles that split it up into daily readings. I had a previous daily bible that I just couldn't get through. It split it up by pulling different chapters and verses from different spots in the bible... I like how this one goes in the correct order, starting with Genesis and progressing through to Revelations. I also like how it has an introduction to the beginning of each daily reading to give you some insight on what you're about to read. I hope that is enough to get me to stick to it this year! I do like the organization of this one and that will be very helpful.
  •     This is the Best Bible for reading the Word through in a year. Very Good insight & Life Application! This is a must have. If you stay on course it will truly Bless Your Life
  •     Perfect
  •     Getting back into the word was overwhelming for me but this bible has helped me understand more and helps me to take the word in little by little. It's amazing
  •     This Bible published by Tyndale has taken God's word and inserted brief presentations between selected chapters. The book is an easy to read New International Version translation. Each day's reading is keyed to the book of the Bible and placed in context with the entire scriptures.We have been using this particular "help" Bible for the past five years and have given a number of them away to family, acquaintances and friends.The NIV translation is in close harmony with the King James Version, but uses modern day English.The format used throughout this daily meditation format is highly personal and written at a level of understanding such that individuals with little or no church background should be able to grasp the essence of each day's assigned reading.Combining modern day English and a from-the-basics approach to introducing the subject material make this an excellent all around personal study guide.The outlining of the Bible is excellent and helps both the first time and lifetime reader better understand God's purpose for our lives.
  •     This is an excellent bible to help you understand the hermeneutics of the passages. It gives you an historical overview to help you understand the environment at the time it was written. Then it explains the actual passage in a brief but concise way. That is followed with a section to help you apply it to your life. This was the first Bible I read after I was saved. It had a tremendous impact on my walk and helped me to fortify my understanding of the content of the bible in a way that reading alone ever could have. We purchased this as a gift for our daughter who is eager to delve deeper and understand more fully.
  •     Best bible study ever. My only complaint is that sometimes the sentence is stopped and finished on the next day and you must turn the page to complete the thought, but it does...
  •     Great bible.

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