Mel Bay 5-String Bass Chord Chart

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Press: Mel Bay Publications, Inc. (January 8, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-1
Author Name:Hiland, Mike


This chord chart created for the 5-string bass shows major, minor, 7th, 6th, augmented, diminished, and many other chords. 
A fretboard chart showing the notes on each string is also included.


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Comment List (Total:7)

  •     Great visual.
  •     Information inside is good for someone that have some basic knowledge of bass guitar. Consider a little bit high the price. Not recommended as first bass guitar learning book.
  •     Great Reference
  •     This has a chord progression for every fret on the five string bass. Can't get this any where else. There is no need to place fret numbers at the chords. The root name let's you know where to begin. For those who are confuse, this is made for five string, B is the 5th string, if you know the notes on the 5th string, an E major chord would start at the fifth fret. D major would start on the 3rd fret. This is easy to figure out. This is a very good chart. Exactly what I was searching for.
  •     I brought this to help me to learn all the Chords of the five string Bass. I recommend it for any first time Bass player.
  •     Don't waste your money on this. It's just a double page with incomprehensible chords, displayed without fret information and with lots (7/8) of notes each.
  •     In the past I had found 4 string bass chord charts helpful. So, I figured when I moved onto the 5 string bass, this would be helpful. And it is.

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