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Press: Workman Publishing Company; Pag edition (July 30, 2009)
Author Name:Not Available (NA)


Puzzle solving as extreme sport. 
Packed with a year of word and number conundrums tough enough to be sanctioned by Mensa, the internationally famous high-IQ society, 365 Brain Puzzlers is the perennially bestselling calendar that promises to push your neurons to the limit, every day.
Animal Crackers.
And: I’m creating floral arrangements using the flowers and vases that I have.
If I put one flower per vase, there are three flowers left over.
If instead I put four flowers per vase (and all of the flowers get used), there are three vases left over.
How many flowers and vases do I have? In case your gray matter lets you down, answers are on the reverse side of each page.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     I got this in the mail and the gummy stuff holding it together was cracked and wouldn't hold the calendar together. I hot-glued it back together and have enjoyed it since
  •     It sounded like this calendar would contain a variety of puzzles. I expected things like mathematics, geometric, teasers, etc. So far I've been very disappointed. 90% of the puzzles are word oriented such as add the missing letters to create words, unscramble the words, etc. There has been 1 or 2 math based. Would only recommend if you're into the word puzzles. I have not looked ahead, so I do not know what the remaining puzzles are, but if it continues, it may go in the recycler.
  •     I had the 2009 calendar and was very pleased, so I purchased the 2010 calendar. To my disappointment, this year's calendar has been heavy with word puzzles and fairly light on the math puzzles. Despite this, the puzzles are very good and I definitely enjoy the calendar.
  •     Great set of puzzles and brainteasers. Will really make you think and you'll want to skip ahead to see tomorrow's riddle.
  •     This was a gift for my hubby! He loves puzzles!Keeps him young! (bg)
  •     I decided to try this one this year, having done the tangram and origami calendars in previous years.
  •     Let's see, today is January 22nd, so I've worked through twenty-to of the so-called "puzzles" in this calendar.
  •     We've enjoyed the Mensa calendars for many years and this year there are some interesting new types of puzzles. However we were disappointed to discover that it is no longer one page PER DAY. Saturday & Sunday are now combined on a single page. We like to look at a puzzle while eating a meal sometime during the day and do NOT want to see the next day ahead of time. The title of the calendar is therefore misleading (false advertising) since there is no longer a page per day.
  •     It's Feb. 4th 2010, and the vast majority of the puzzles so far have been word-based: word scrambles, word concatenations, word splices, etc. Boring!
  •     Products were ordered a month before Christmas but never arrived. When I was finally able to talk to a person I was told items were somewhere in New York state but couldn't be...
  •     My brainy husband likes this.
  •     After breaking in the first week with this calender, I finally ordered a different day by day. The puzzles are just too hard for me. Every morning I wake up and flip to the new day and sit and work on a puzzle forever until I give up and look at the answers and say, "I never would have got that". And it makes me feel stupid. And I am ny no means an idiot, but this calender just makes me feel like one. So I got one with jokes instead. I would rather start my day off with a laugh instead of feeling stupid. If you're really smart, like Jeopardy smart, you'd probably like this.
  •     I agree with others that this year's version is not as challenging, but I want to suggest they buy the "Mensa Genius Quiz A Day" BOOK. This has a brainteaser for every day of the year and can be reused as the questions are obscure and involved. You'll get the mental exercise you're looking for. Can't be used as a calendar but those are everywhere.

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