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Press: Felony & Mayhem (November 15, 2007)
Author Name:Cook, Bob


The four old spies are long past their glory days, and now meet up mostly at the funerals of former colleagues, after which they typically enjoy an hour or two of complaining about the relaxation of standards at Britain?s security services. 
The latest indignity: The Director has recently sent round a most discourteous directive that the four are under no circumstances to consider writing their memoirs.
Well, they are not to be ordered about like some band of errand-boys! They served their country with honor, and the country has the right to know it.
In fact, if you think about it, publishing their memoirs is a patriotic duty.
Unfortunately, the Director doesn?t see it quite that way.

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  •     Four retirees from British intelligence, all having entirely too much free time on their hands, combine their imaginations to write the definitive "tell all" spy memoir. Of course, as loyal subjects of Her Majesty, they have no intention of betraying any genuine state secrets. So there isn't one scintilla of truth to be found anywhere in what they have written, Naturally, the faux memoir becomes an international sensation.As you might predict, the geriatric quartet becomes involved in a real life cloak and dagger mystery that places them in mortal danger. The Paper Chase is a comedic novel featuring quirky characters and plenty of amusing banter. The brand of humor found in the pages of this short, quintessentially British work is broader and less sophisticated than that of Disorderly Elements, author Bob Cook's debut novel.A quick, cogent, light read.

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