Pestos, Tapenades, and Spreads: 40 Simple Recipes for Delicious Toppings, Sauces & Dips

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Press: Chronicle Books (August 26, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-8
Author Name:Printz, Stacey


With little fuss and enormous flavor, transform everyday meals with simple yet creative toppings, dips, and spreads.Forty recipes are paired with multiple serving suggestions for producing yummy (and healthy!) dishes, from appetizersto dinners. 
With few steps to follow and minimal ingredients to purchase, these recipes—many of which aresensitive to vegans and those with nut and gluten allergies—are built for speed and ease.
Fifteen minutes is thetotal preparation time for Classic Provençal Tapenade, Balsamic Fig and Caramelized Onion Spread, and Rich Crab Spread.
Using fresh ingredients and pantry staples, you'll soon be whipping up tasty pesto faster than you can say "presto!"

About the Author

Stacey Printz is the San Francisco Bay area-based author of "The Best 50 Salad Dressings" (Bristol Publishing, 1998). 
Her work has also been seen at
She began cooking alongside her gourmet Mom at an early age, and learned the ropes through her mother's work on the "San Francisco Encore" cookbook.
With an affinity for fresh, vibrant flavors, Stacey has always developed her own recipes, using home-grown vegetables, and herbs.
In addition to being a cook, Stacey is a nationally, and more recently internationally known choreographer, dancer, and educator.
She has performed and taught in places such as Ireland, Russia, Lithuania, New York, Los Angeles, Utah, Tennessee and more.
Her company, Printz Dance Project, blends athletic modern dance with elements of jazz and hip-hop creating unique yet accessible classes and performances.
For more information on her company visit www.printzdance.orgMark Lund is a photographer in New York City.


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Comment List (Total:8)

  •     We didn't grow up with this type of cooking and this gives me a way to try recipes I've never known. I'm buying another one to give to my son.
  •     This is a very beautiful book with many delicious looking recipes for pestos of all kinds, not just basil pesto.
  •     I've always enjoyed pestos & tapenades, but I never went out of my way to have them. I never would have placed them among my favorite foods, that's for certain. Now, after using Stacey Printz's Pestos, Tapenades, and Spreads, I'll be making and eating them far more often!We chose three recipes more-or-less at random from the book. I picked out a "no-nut pesto" because I had to know whether or not that would actually work, since it sounded dubious at best (apparently the author was asked to develop a no-nut recipe for an allergic relative). Next came a portobello mushroom & thyme tapenade, and a beet tapenade.All of these were incredibly easy. The beets take a little time to boil or steam, but it isn't as though that takes effort. There's a little chopping to be done, but a food processor can do most of the work. The recipes don't cost very much to make, either--especially since a little goes a long way, given their flavorful nature. The no-nut pesto was deliriously delicious. The mushroom tapenade is sooo good, even though I'm not usually that fond of olives, which play a significant part in this recipe. The beet tapenade, however, proved to be the surprise winner. Spread some goat cheese on toast and top with the tapenade, and you have one of the best quick lunches ever! Not to mention, make a few quick spreads and you have gorgeous party food that will make it look like you slaved over a stove all day.So indulge yourself with sage-walnut, spinach, or rosemary pesto. Tempt your neighbors with feta-mint, shrimp-olive, or dried cherry tapenade. Or bring a party alive with curried hummus, avocado-chevre, or smoked salmon spread. It's easy!Oh, yeah. The recipes were so amazing that I almost forgot to mention: the book has gorgeous photographs; the layout is clean, clear, and easy-to-read; and so far we've found no errors in the text.[Review book provided courtesy of publisher]
  •     The ideas are great, but some of the measurements/proportions are a little off. A general guideline for pesto is:2 cups packed leaves1.25 cups nuts* (about 125-150 grams)1.25 cups cheese (about 100 grams)a few cloves of garlicabout ½ tsp saltpepper1 cup oilI am still try experimenting with some of the pestos, such as Thai, that contain no cheese. In the end I may add some to the Thai. The resulting taste/texture may indeed improve it.
  •     I'm the hubby reviewing this book. I originally bought it a few years ago in hardcover. Since then I've made several of the pestos and modified some of the recipes with great party results. The wife bought a kindle version in late 2013 to save bookshelf room because this is one book we don't want to lose track of.The directions are clear and simple. There are plenty of photos of the finished products. The serving suggestions are delicious, and the recommendations for variations are also delicious. The ingredients are easy to find, and many of them are probably growing in your herb garden if you have one.The biggest problem that I have with the book is that most all of the pestos don't last very long in our house. It's not uncommon for me to be busted with spoon in one hand and the container of pesto in the other and my mouth full. Oh well, that just means that I will have to break out the food processor and whip up another batch. This really is a great book with wonderful and easy recipes.
  •     I took a risk and bought this book without checking it out in a book store or library. I am glad I did, especially at Amazon's low bargain book price.The author provides 40 recipes including 12 for pesto, 14 for tapenades and 14 for other spreads (such as hummus). While she includes the recipes for the well-known (and well-liked) versions of pesto (traditional basil), tapenade (olives) and spreads, she also provides new, inventive approaches.I really like that each recipe is accompanied by two to six serving suggestions. For example, the dried cherry tapenade can accompany pork tenderloin, be used as a condiment on a roasted turkey sandwich, or spread on crostini and topped with Brie, goat cheese or blue cheese. The cilantro pesto can be tossed with grilled or sauteed shrimp, tossed with pasta with olive oil and diced fresh red pepper, be used as a condiment for a grilled vegetable panini, or added to a stacked salad with sliced tomatoes, avocado, and queso fresco.There are full-page, color photos of 18 of the serving suggestions.The recipes are clearly laid-out and the instructions are clearly explained. Nutrional information is not provided for the recipes.Pesto recipes include:*Traditional Basil*No-Nut*Green Pea*Arugula*Artichoke-Lemon*Cilantro*Thai*Rosemary*Spinach*Sage-Walnut*Mint-Peanut*Pistachio-HerbTapenade recipes include:*Traditional*Tapenade, Take Two*Citrus-Olive*Feta-Mint*Smoky Eggplant*Roasted Fennel*Portobello Mushroom & Thyme*Beautiful Beet*Shrimp-Olive*Roasted Red Pepper*Sun-Dried Tomato*Balsamic Fig & Caramelized Onion*Dried Cherry*Date & AlmondSpread recipes include:*Curried Hummus*Edamame Hummus*White Bean-Sage*Avocado-Chevre*Sun-Dried Tomato-Chevre Cheese*Toasted Pecan & Gorgonzola*Creamy Balsamic Onion*Caesar*Black Bean & Roasted Tomato*Rich Crab*Smoked Salmon*Savory Tofu*Tahini Tofu*Blueberry-CheeseI am definitely looking forward to trying many of these recipes.
  •     Easy love it
  •     I gave this book to both my husband and my adult son. Both were excited about the recipes and the photoes made the food look even more appetizing.Can't wait to try some of the recipes with them!!!

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