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Press: Barefoot Books; Crds edition (September 1, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-9
Author Name:Bird, Fiona/ Arenson, Roberta (ILT)


"Kids' Kitchen" is designed to encourage children to cook delicious and nutritious recipes for their friends and family. 
The 40 recipes are displayed on laminated recipe cards stored in a sturdy box.
Each is colour-coded to reflect government guidelines on healthy eating (the Eatwell Plate) promoting a balanced intake of Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Oils, Milk, Meat and Beans.The 5 colours correspond to these 5 food categories.
Tips on how to combine the recipes are also provided in this title.
It features a unique cookery deck that encourages children to prepare fun, tasty and healthy meals and introduces them to recipes from around the world.
Recipes are divided into the five main food categories to reflect government guidelines on healthy eating.
This title includes 8-page booklet that contains information on the benefits of each food type, practical advice on hygiene and safety and a glossary of cookery terms.
Author Fiona Bird is a Masterchef and the founder of 'Stirrin' Stuff', a charity dedicated to teaching cookery skills and an understanding of nutrition to primary school children.


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Comment List (Total:5)

  •     love it. perfect for my grandkids.i know they will enjoy cooking up a storm.they always help in the kitchen
  •     I opted not to purchase this book, but I got as far as looking into it because it said "fun and HEALTHY" recipes. When recipe #1 calls for white flour and sugar, that is a big turn-off to me. Do not kid yourself that these recipes are healthy. Also, these recipes seemed very unbalanced. Please teach your kids how to eat real food.
  •     Terrific and well done. Easy to use; the large size of the cards is helpful in making sure everyone can use it.
  •     My son loves these, and I think they are a great concept. My complaint is that some of the recipes don't turn out as expected. The carrot cake tastes very strongly of baking soda. The frosting was yummy so that helped me get one down. It calls for oranges, but in the instructions says to "Add rest to passion fruit juice." Huh?! There is no passion fruit juice in the recipe. An oversight I guess. I noticed a couple other similar issues using these cards, but I can't remember specifically what they are at the moment.The apple volcanoes were a very fun idea, but again didn't perform as they were supposed to.I like that there are many healthy options. My son adores these cards, I just wish the final products were a bit tastier and more fun with all the time, effort, and ingredients involved.
  •     Absolutely love this product. I use it with my nieces and we have lots of fun together!! It not only has great recipes that the kids enjoy making and eating but they are also learning about nutrition at the same time.

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