Never Not Knitting Page-A-Day Calendar 2010

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Press: Workman Publishing Company; Pag edition (July 30, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-7
Author Name:Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie


Never not knitting? You know who you are. 
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Never Not Knitting! is the calendar for obsessive knitters, chock-full of advice, observations, ideas, and inspiration—all delivered with the author's signature humor and wit.
How to control your urges in a yarn shop.
Tuesday Tips, including taking care of your tools.
Plus Purls of Wisdom, You Know You Knit Too Much When..., and: Knitting folklore says that if you knit a strand of hair into your work, you will be forever bound to the person who receives that work.
In my life, this means that a lot of people are forever bound to my cat.

About the Author

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a.k.a. 
the Yarn Harlot, entertains knitters with her unique humor via her popular blog ( and her best-selling books, Knitting Rules!, At Knit's End, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     This is a great gleaning of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's humor, insight, and advice for knitting and life. Guaranteed to bring you a smile and a few stitches a day.
  •     Order arrived in a timely manner and just as described
  •     For knitters with a sense of humor, it doesn't get any better than the Yarn Harlot. I always get her page-a-day calendars.Item arrived timely and as advertised.
  •     Thought there would be more knitting stitches. It's not what I wanted but is not a bad calendar.
  •     Here it is the end of April and I still think this is one of the best Christmas gifts I received. I look forward to each new page.
  •     Having only recently discovered the marvelous Yarn Harlot, I'm thoroughly enjoying this calendar. I have yet to see an entry that wasn't helpful and /or hilarious.
  •     I am a fan of Stephane Pearl-McPhee. She makes me laugh, she makes me think and, most importantly, she makes me want to knit more and more without making excuses to anyone for my...
  •     The 2009 calendar was given to me as a gift by someone who had never known a time when I wasn't knitting. Well -- I had given it up ten years earlier, having lost all interest in the hobby. Page by page, the wit and charm of the Never Not Knitting calendar wooed me back to what had been my favorite hobby -- I made sweaters for Christmas, and am currently making a replacement Aran for my husband, I who swore I would never knit another Aran again. And I owe it all to the Never Not Knitting calendar. It should go without saying that the Never Not Knitting calendar is now a "must-have" among my stash of knitting accessories.Know this: If you once knew and loved knitting, this calendar will get you back into it. Eventually. "Resistance is futile."
  •     This woman is HILARIOUS! The calendar makes you laugh, provides interesting tidbits of knitting history and reminds us every day why we knit and love it so much.
  •     Needlework takes up most of my limited spare time, but I'm a want-to-be knitter, and this calendar brings me a smile every day.
  •     this is the second year I have the calendar and I look forward to turning the page every day, I also use the back of the page for note paperI highly recommend this to all knitters
  •     This is a delightful, smart, and witty page a day calendar. It's well worth getting even if you are not a knitter (but one of of us is!).The only deficiency is that there were no directions on how to set up the plastic backer for the calendar! That's needed so that the calendar can sit on a desktop.The box and backer highlight that the backer is "recyclable", but it's attached with a plastic hinge and looks imminently breakable! It's unclear what one should do or how it will work. (We were used to cardboard ones in which one piece slides through another to make the angle backing.) We didn't want to force it or bend it back and have it break--which would have meant no desktop display.The trick is to go ahead and bend it back slowly and gently and it will, after a bit, snap into place. Whew!Maybe Workman Publishing can add a line to its boxes and its FAQs on the web about this!
  •     This is a constant and continual joy which adds to my knowledge of knitting along with her delightful look at herself and the compulsive knitter. This is my second one of these calendars and she does not repeat herself (or has not so far).

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