The Transformational Entrepreneur: Igniting The Mind, Heart, & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success

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Press: Performance Transformation, LLC (February 21, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-2
Author Name:Murray, Terry


The Transformational Entrepreneur provides a step-by-step, pragmatic approach for creating breakthrough, sustainable business success. 
The methods shared reflect the best-practices developed over twenty-five years of real-world, executive experience in both corporate and start-up environments.
The book examines, in detail, the underlying principles of the human element in driving business success.
Going beyond proven business processes, it explores how the entire human continuum; the mind, heart, and spirit help drive growth, profits, and sustainability.
Reflecting back on a career that created more than $1 billion in market valuation growth, the author draws evidence-based correlations between traditional business methods and how the human spirit was a consistent, contributing factor in successful endeavors.
The book also explores the symbiotic relationship between leadership, strategy, and culture and how the accretive nature of these elements can be leveraged to deliver breakthrough performance.

About the Author

Terry Murray is a professional coach and business executive with twenty-five years of progressive experience in strategic development, executive leadership, and the deployment of highly profitable business teams. 
His work with Fortune 1000 and startup companies has directly contributed more than $1 billion in market capitalization growth throughout his career.
Terry is the founder and Managing Partner of Performance Transformation, LLC, a Professional Coaching and Strategic Development firm focused on igniting breakthrough performance through the authentic engagement and development of human talent.
The company's evidence-based programs and philosophical approach employs their proprietary Accretive Coaching Process™.
Terry is a graduate of The Whittemore School of Business, University of New Hampshire and has enjoyed professional and executive engagements with U.S.
Naval Intelligence, Baxter Healthcare, Proctor & Gamble (J.T.
Baker Division), STERIS Corporation, SPX Corporation, and SalesForce4Hire, LLC.
Terry spends his time coaching and consulting with entrepreneurs, investors, early stage organizations, and established clients in a broad range of industries.
His entrepreneurs’ blog site can be seen at


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  •     The Transformational Entrepreneur is a compendium of examples compiled together based on the author's experiences in business and leadership. From the basics in leadership skills, to excelling in business success, this book doesn't neglect any crucial steps. The book works as a mentor to anyone who works in a business setting and also conducts beneficial, constructive pathways to those on all levels.
  •     In plain language- this book is wonderful!Very few individuals are able to bridge the worlds of business and spiritual evolution. Terry Murray masters this art simply and effectively. This is a practical, heartfelt guide that is easy to work with that touches on the divine without getting too 'woo woo'. Spiritual adventurists and curious entrepreneurs will both be pleased! No matter what your journey, this book will provide tangible keys to creating success.
  •     Whether you work in a corporation or run you own company, "The Transformational Entrepreneur" offers invaluable insights and guidance for creating a stimulating, supportive, and successful business environment.It serves as an inspirational guide book - one that I wish I had had years ago when I was growing and running my company.In today's challenging business climate, Terry Murray's book is a valuable asset to creating sustainable business success while keeping employees and clients happy, engaged and committed."The Transformational Entrepreneur" offers wisdom, constructive ideas and tips, and value that will provide support and encouragement on your path as an enlightened leader.
  •     Terry is an eloquent writer who has a unique talent for interweaving his wealth of strategic business experience with a fresh perspective of spiritual awareness. He inspires us to connect with our intuition and engage in an innovative approach to discover new ways of doing business.He guides you on a journey to unleash your power to inspire, motivate your people and trust the process. Terry introduces us to creative techniques to design new pathways to your business success.Whether you are looking to improve your business or are looking to start a new one, he illustrates a flawless process on how to cultivate a new consciousness to influence the direction of your business, but also pursue your vision and tap into unlimited possibilities.
  •     The challenge today's business leaders face is how to migrate to a new management paradigm that cultivates creativity and efficiently commercializes intellectual property without introducing untenable risk to the enterprise. The propagation of this desired creative, healthy culture begins with the expressed intention of authentic leadership. Are you ready to experience high-level performance in your business? Then, read The Transformational Entrepreneur and let professional coach, business executive and author, Terry Murray provide you with a step-by-step pragmatic approach to create your breakthrough, sustainable business success. You'll be glad you did.
  •     As a business leader with more than 20 years of experience I found this book to be superb. It is well written and unlike a lot of authors, Terry has given some well thought out and defined strategies to assist you in becoming a better leader. These strategies will work in all business environments with the end result that you will enhance and improve your leadership skills!

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