He Restores My Soul

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Press: Randy Steven Ministries (November 18, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-11
Author Name:Dean Sr, MR Randy S.


Inspirational book for Christian and other readers and leaders. 
If you have ever found yourself questioning the validity of your relationship with God or wondering if the mistakes you have made in the past somehow disqualified you from being viewed as His son or daughter, you certainly want to look at this perspective.
Have you ever wondered how many Pastors and other Leaders in church ultimately found themselves at the forefront for public humiliation through moral failure? This book offers an insightful and realistic look at the dynamics of the walk of Christian believers and the Leadership within the local church.
It is unusually transparent as Randy Dean shares experiences from a Pastors perspective that offers illumination to all who look to draw a closer walk in their relationship to God.
It is an examination of the fallacies and obstacles shared by Pastors and many other everyday people who find themselves, trying to serve a perfect God and yet working through their human imperfections.
He restores my soul shares challenges that many Pastors and their followers often face that are rarely addressed or hidden until they are painfully exposed through the most embarrassing expressions.
It offers perspectives and hope within the bible that is rarely viewed that aid in building faith and restoring damaged trust in God and relationships.
Learning that we are not alone or an isolated case in our many unspoken challenges is often the key to recovering from an otherwise dismal perspective and diminished hope.
One of the greatest discoveries is learning that God has not disowned or disavowed us despite the negative choices we may have made.
Instead He Restores My Soul underscores and expresses God’s desire to not only rekindle the relationship between Him and His creation but to restore the relationship to an unprecedented level and maximize the potential you were created for.


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  •     We can't heal from something when we are hiding it. Taking it out of the darkness and discussing your experiences with others not only helps you in recovery but just may help them--most of us have somethingwe wish we had never done. I applaud the author's moral courage.
  •     The title of this book is taken from the 23rd Psalm. The term "restores" suggests not the ending of a restoration process, but rather the continuation of it. To restore something suggests a previous state of unacceptable existence is changed back to it's original beauty. The author hopes this book will help restore and heal those who have experienced emotional and spiritual damage.Randy Dean shares his personal story about how he fell to the temptation of sexual addiction and pornography while serving as a Christian pastor. The author did not go into the graphic details of his addictions but he made it very clear that his bad behavior resulted in his divorce and the estrangement of his family.The author uses passages from the Bible to explain the restoration and recovery process. This is a gradual journey that must be done with patience and faith. This book is for everyone who wants a closer relationship with God, but it is especially aimed at pastors and leaders in the church. This book offers help and hope to God's servants who feel isolated and alone with their shame.I want to thank Pastor Dean for having the courage to share his story and address this sensitive subject. People tend to have very high expectations of their church leaders and are shocked to find out that they have the same temptations and faults as everyone else. The good news is that God forgives sinners and we can also forgive ourselves.This is a self-published book that is available in paperback and for the Kindle. Pastor Dean is not a professional writer but is very good at expressing thoughts and feelings from his heart. As I read this book, I felt like I was having a conversation with the author and he was talking directly to me. I could tell that the author has truly "walked the walk" and is now reaching out to help others.I would like to share a quote from Bishop Milton S. Herring (printed on the back cover of the book) ~ "This book may be an answered prayer for you or someone you know." I agree.
  •     Very good read! The author brought illumination to the scriptures in a very personal way! There were heavy prices to be paid for his decisions, but God remained faithful to him! It is a great example of how God loves us in the depths of our despairs and how we should love others in their not shining moments! I highly recommend for anyone, especially those whom have had some major setbacks of their own making! It takes courage to write a book like this!

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