Marriage and Family Experience (with InfoTrac): Intimate Relationships in a Changing Society

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Press: Wadsworth Publishing; 7 edition (December 8, 1997)
Author Name:Strong
Edition:7th Edition


This text presents the study of marriage and family in a manner that enlarges both personal and intellectual understanding. 
It maintains the viewpoint throughout the text that families need to be cherished, honored, and supported.
The book's approach is interdisciplinary, incorporating work from sociology, psychology, history, economics, folklore, communications, and literature.


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  •     Awful
  •     well had to get this book for a college course. thankfully, my teacher wasn't so dependant on the books first times, or this would be a took about THREE(3) weeks to receive this book.and as my own fault i didn't read the "looseleaf" at the end. so that means it comes with holes! be prepare to have a yea, my real complaint this thing took so long to be sent, now stuck with this since forbid how long it will take to get another one! guess thats what get for doing these things not a week before school startsSo be careful and read the descriptions folks! That extra 5 bucks to buy another book from another person could've saved you a lot of trouble!
  •     Book was in good condition, pleased with the purchase, shipped as promised, no complaints. Had a bit of wear but otherwise OK.
  •     I was required to read this for a college course... it wasn't awful... the topic was a little boring for me, but the author makes it easy to read and understand.
  •     I was happy to purchase the book in loose form it cost less than the soft or hard cover and had the same information.
  •     Ordered and received book quickly so got a chance to look it over before my class started! Great seller, Thanks for great service!
  •     When the book is required for the course, there's not much to say. Except somebody in the school system likes the book!
  •     Received quickly, however book is not hardbound, its spine has been cut and placed into a floppy three ring binder. Other than the terrible binder it is in good condition.
  •     I received my book on time in the condition that was expected. All the pages are there and it was minimally highlighted.
  •     Needed it for my Masters Class as expected
  •     The book was in great condition in arrival
  •     The book came on time and and it was the correct order. Came in great condition! i would order from them again! great great great!!!
  •     I failed to read the "lose leaf" part of the information, so when i received the book, it came HOLE PUNCHED. be aware of that! so you don't end up fuming later on when you try selling it to other people! (i'd sell it with a binder, if i were you!)The other thing is cost- if you are cost efficient like me, and you do not plan to keep this book, buy this lose leaf version. It cost me less than half the price for the hard cover, and frankly, i hardly even use it (though it varies by colleges and teachers). And like i said above, if you plan to sell it back to students via flayers, you should sell it WITH a binder, thus getting a better chance at actually SELLING the book. Not many people go for lose leafs!
  •     This book is excellent, and is very easy to read! Not to mention the price was simply amazing! At my school, this book is about ninety dollars in the book store. On here, it goes as cheap as nine dollars! An opportunity I have not passed up!
  •     I liked reading and studying this books as it was mostly true about the everyday life we have in regards to the family. well written and easy to understand. Almost everything made sense.
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