Shakespeare and Minorities An Annotated Bibliography 1970-2000

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Press: Scarecrow Press (December 20, 2000)
Publication Date:2000-12
Author Name:Kujoory, Parvin; Sajdak, Bruce T.;


Whether you believe, like Gary Taylor, that "Shakespeare cannot claim any unique command of theatrical resources, longevity, or reach of reputation, depth or range of style, universality or comprehensiveness," or you agree with Harold Bloom, who considers the Bard "an international possession, transcending nations, languages, and professions," you will find Shakespeare and Minorities an indispensable guide to minority presence in modern Shakespearean interpretation in an age of competing critical philosophies. 
In one volume, Kujoory has contained warring critics―from feminists to Marxists, New Historicists to Cultural Materialists, Foucauldians to Bahktinians―and created a guide to the presence of minorities in Shakespearean criticism.
Critical thought on women, blacks, Jews, homosexuals, slaves, and the oppressed and underprivileged is referenced in over 900 entries.
Books, articles, book chapters, reviews, notes and critics' correspondence are among the materials used by Kujoory as she sifts through various disciplines―history, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and anthropology, to name a few―to gather the most relevant and scholarly close readings of plays.
A ground-breaking work, this book is a must-have for every reference library.
Title, name, and subject indexes.


Considering how ethnic and minority issues have been studied over the last few decades, this bibliography serves a definite purpose since the five specific groups represent most of the minority characters in the plays. 
The annotations are well written.
Kujoory codes each entry by section, making indexing neat and informative.
Recommended for all libraries.
(Choice)Kujoory's bibliography will prove useful to those seeking material about the areas and approaches the work covers.
The annotations are concise yet informative.
(Analytical & Enumerative Bibliography)

About the Author

Parvin Kujoory has taught at universities in Texas, Washington, D.C., and overseas. 
Most recently she was at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.
She has published several articles on British and comparative literature in European and American professional journals, as well as authoring Black Slavery in America: An Annotated Mediagraphy (Scarecrow Press, 1995).Bruce T.
Sajdak is a reference librarian at Smith College and American Co-editor of the The Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature .


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