The Amazing John Wesley: An Unusual Look at an Uncommon Life

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Press: IVP Books (November 10, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-10
Author Name:Malony, H. Newton


Much has been written about John Wesley's heartwarming experience that propelled him to preach salvation all over the UK, but little is known about the other facets of his life that made the movement he started have the effect of saving England from the ravages of the French Revolution. 
You will be surprised to discover much about Wesley that you never knew, his skills in organizing prayer groups, his writing of over 200 books, how he established free health clinics for the poor, supported the abolition of slavery, and even his painful failure at marriage.
His preaching among average citizens assured that the Wesleyan movement would grow into one of the largest evangelical movements in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Today's Christians can learn much from his life.


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  •     Learned things, and I had no idea John Wesley was so ahead of his time. This isn't spiritual book, buta bio about spiritual man with many talents besides preaching. It is an easy read.
  •     Very well written book. Be prepared for quotes about his beliefs, which cumulatively leave him what some could call fanatical-- IF they forget about the history of the times and religious environment he lived in. He was a great man driven by his love of God and quest for a kind of "perfectionism."
  •     This is a good look at how John Wesley's beliefs developed. We are using it as a basis for our study group at our Methodist church. Each chapter invokes discussion and has helped us under stand the developement of Methodism.
  •     My mother and I are reading this book and sharing our thoughts and opinions with each other concerning the life of John Wesley.
  •     The life of a pastor and world changer is an uncommon life lived in an unusual way. Wesley's influence is huge upon the Church in our day. This book allows us to see the roots and foundation upon which Wesley built his faith, and ultimately his message. I highly recommend this book to pastors, educators, and those interested in knowing more about the man who saved England from a revolution similar to the people of France.
  •     This is great overview of John Wesley. It intrigue me enough that I am going to seek out his writings. However, this is not a book to read if you desire to find out what Mr. Wesley has to say in-depth.
  •     I was aware of John Wesley being the founder of Methodism. However, in reading The Amazing John Wesley, I learned that he had such a wealth of talent beside his preaching and writing ability. He truly cared about the social ills of his time and spent his time, talent, and treasure to right the wrongs in England's society. Interesting to learn that he set up medical clinics and was one of the first to use electric shock in the treatment of patients. Buy this book to understand more completely the measure of this man. My life has been enriched by purchasing and reading this book.
  •     I bought this book because this was the unusual and amazing side of J.W. He was supposingly responsible for avoiding an English revolution like the French Revolution. I haven't finished it yet. BUT THE MOST AMAZING thing I read was John Wesley's electroshock therapy!!! He had read all of Ben Franklin's works with electricity. And he did MANY healings with this technique. Example: a guy falls from a high scaffold and can't walk, his friends bring him to J.W. who does the electro-shock therapy on him that day & he walked home! Many many stories of this that make me wish we had this simple inexpensive healing now --- for my terrible shoulder pain, I'm actually angry that we don't. this chapter was all I've read but well worth the price.

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