Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorism

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Press: Blackstone Audiobooks; Unabridged edition (December 1, 2001)
Author Name:Netanyahu, Benjamin


The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 raise grave questions. 
Where did this rising tide of terror come from? Is it here to stay? And how can it be fought? In this newly revised edition of Fighting Terrorism, Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel's Likud Party and a noted authority on international terrorism, explores the old and new terrorist threats.
Citing diverse examples, Netanyahu demonstrates that domestic terrorist groups are usually no match for an advanced technological society.
But he sees a potent threat in the new international terrorism that emerged in the 1900s and is increasingly the product of Islamic militants.
Netanyahu concludes by suggesting how democracies can defend themselves against this new threat.

About the Author

Benjamin Netanyahu is a former prime minister of Israel. 
He is the author of Terrorism: How the West Can Win and A Place among the Nations: Israel and the World.Jeff Riggenbach has narrated numerous titles for Blackstone Audio and won an AudioFile Earphones Award.
An author, contributing editor, and producer, he has worked in radio in San Francisco for the last thirty years, earning a Golden Mike Award for journalistic excellence.


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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     Netanyahu should be the Leader of the United Nations - and the World Would Be a Safer Place! Netanyahu has brought out the Hallogen light bulb and plugged it in on the true threat the world - THE WORLD - is facing and up against - which most of Humanity are willfully blind to see. Having watched for over 50 years this sad saga continue to play out on the world stage between Islam and Judaeo-Christian realities and world views - and how Israel has gone it alone, done it with the world at times and then had to do it with just the USA at times, but mostly gone it alone - and unfortunately again in recent years. I am amazed Israel has survived. I believe this book on top of what I have seen myself and long much pondered, that there is a "World Strategy" of a much larger Plan here than most can comprehend or wrap their thoughts around. It is a much Deeper and Much more Holistic - MUSLIM/ISLAMIC - Sun-Tzu's type "Art of War" overthrow of the World at play here by the and due to the fanaticism of Mohammad's Koran! Only people like Bibi Netanyahu can stop it - if they have the will to do so. I commend Mr. Netanyahu on this book. Older, forgotten perhaps - but relevant even more today than when he updated it in 2001
  •     Outstanding book by the ONE world leader who has been confronted by terrorism more than any other.
  •     This work is an exceptionally honest perspective on the nature of and driving forces behind the use of terrorism as a political weapon. Netanyahu, like few others, refuses to mince words and relinquish the moral ground when chronicling the "deliberate and systematic assault on civilians to inspire political ends."Voltaire wrote that there are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts. Unlike those who brandish obfuscation and appeasement as political weaponry (q.v., Bill Clinton and Colin Powell), Netanyahu convincingly dismantles the "cause" of terrorism at its most vulnerable place: its philosophy. He brings a clarity of vision-coupled with a compelling and well researched historical record-to bear on what, in the light of day, cannot be called a just cause.Accordingly, while the bulk of his work appropriately focuses on the Middle East (the birthplace of modern terrorism), he elucidates many of the causes behind terrorism on both a domestic and an international scale-from the Oklahoma and New York Trade Tower bombings (the book was written in 1995) to the rise of the PLO and other European terrorist organizations as puppets for a corrupt Soviet regime. Netanyahu's principled argument and clear writing style are only made more stark by the compelling historical record that leads him to his final conclusion.The history of terrorism is not light reading, but it is crucial to known thine enemy. Netanyahu details the mentality behind this enemy by showing that "[i]t is not only that the ends of the terrorists do not succeed in justifying the means they choose; their choice of means indicates what their true ends are."The overall purpose of the book is to demonstrate that a philosophical response (Netanyahu calls it a moral response) is the only means of defeating terrorism. To be more precise, terrorists can be defeated, but only if decent people uproot it properly, once and for all, without moral compunctions of any kind.The book is replete with historical fact not reported in any of today's ludicrously biased media, and it concludes with specific remedies not dreamed of by liberal appeasers who wish to grant murderers an equal voice at the international bargaining table. (Many of these rememdies finally are being enacted after September 11.) This is a remarkably well written book; I just pray that our leaders digest its message in time.
  •     Netanyahu's book is an excellent introduction to the history of international terrorism beginning in the 1970's all the way thru 1980's/1990's and ending with the events of 2001.
  •     The actions recommended in this book are spot on needed for our nation to overcome this evil.Hopefully we will take them before it is too late
  •     Short, easy to read and clear. It was written 10 years ago, but his warning are coming true.
  •     great read!
  •     This book aims to teach the reader how to think and not what to think. It was a quick but exceedingly valuable overview of why we have terrorism and how one can turn off the...
  •     this book was hard for me to finish and that's not usually the case..... I think it was just the subject matter.
  •     Excellent book from a world leader. With his Military experience in the Sayaret Matkal it is a gripping book.
  •     Benjamin Netanyahu is an expert on this subject that the free world should listen to. His understanding and resolve on the issue of terror is compatible to those of Donald Trump.
  •     The amazing predictions Benjamin Netanyahu.....examples like giving money to terrorist in exchange for hostages, gosh didn't that just happen !!!
  •     This book was first published in 1995. If we had implemented the hard learned lessons in this book then, thousands of Americans would be alive today. However, the lessons are timeless thus making it never too late to learn.
  •     When Arthur Miller said that, "Real prophets are not soothe-sayers, they are irritants," he was referring to someone paramount to Benjamin Netanyahu. "Fighting Terrorism" was written in 1995 and it eerily predicts the definitive foreign policy issues of both the Bush and Obama administrations: Radical Islamic suicide attacks and a nuclear-happy Iran. When the Cold War ended in 1988, some thinkers argued that America was living in a time of peace and had no real enemy to pursue, which The Clinton Doctrine reflected. However, Netanyahu argues that that conclusion is incorrect and that Radical Islam is the new enemy of America. Most Americans in the 90's viewed the conflicts in the Middle East as irrelevant to them. Netanyahu wrote this book imploring Americans to take more action in the Middle East and not to neglect the terrorist calls to annihilate the "Great Satan."(USA). Unfortunately, his message fell on deaf ears. Netanyahu was the gadfly, the irritant who spoke the truth that seldom few wanted to hear. Imagine what would have happened if Bill Clinton had read this book, followed Netanyahu's advice and nipped Al-Qaida in the bud. Americans in the Twin Towers would have spent Sept. 11 as just another carefree and mundane day at work. Netanyahu also repeatedly uses the phrase "Weapons of Mass Annihilation" throughout the book. If you ever wondered where the term "WMD" originated from, now you know. Netanyahu still has a very important view that needs your attention badly. This book is as relevant today as it is prophetic tomorrow.
  •     This is a book which I dearly wish The Left in America and Europe would read. Doing so would give them a chance to develop a full and clear understanding of what we are up against in the field of Islamic terrorists and their host countries.
  •     as only a person who has been there and is there can speak

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