Nonlinear Programming (Classics in Applied Mathematics)

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Press:Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematic Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (January 1, 1987)
Author Name:Mangasarian, Olvi L.


This reprint of the 1969 book of the same name is a concise, rigorous, yet accessible, account of the fundamentals of constrained optimization theory. 
Many problems arising in diverse fields such as machine learning, medicine, chemical engineering, structural design, and airline scheduling can be reduced to a constrained optimization problem.
This book provides readers with the fundamentals needed to study and solve such problems.
Beginning with a chapter on linear inequalities and theorems of the alternative, basics of convex sets and separation theorems are then derived based on these theorems.
This is followed by a chapter on convex functions that includes theorems of the alternative for such functions.
These results are used in obtaining the saddlepoint optimality conditions of nonlinear programming without differentiability assumptions.


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  •     This book addresses only Nonlinear Programming Theory.You will not find any algorithms, so that this book is not very practical.The title should be "Nonlinear Programming Theory"Why 5 stars ?Main factor: The writing style.That is, what I like most in this book is the way that Mangasarian wrote it. References to all important equations, definitions, etc. No "verbose excessive use" of english to explain math subjects but well defined equations. Concise exposition and proof of theorems using math simbols. That is: Math simbols to explain mathematics. Very clear style.A very good example of how to write an excellent, didactic, precise and clear math book.

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