Can You Find Me?: Building Thinking Skills in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies

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Press: The Critical Thinking Co. (July 31, 2003)
Author Name:Michael Baker


Starts students on the road to critical thinking! Can You Find Me? develops skills in reading readiness, science, math, and social studies using five basic thinking skills: similarities and difference


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  •     I'm homeschooling my kids and this is a great intro to critical thinking. It's simple yet challenging. For some of the lessons, my daughter needs me to explain a bit more, but others are easy for her to figure out. Great for homeschooling or to brush up public school kids.
  •     Critical thinking and problem solving in a playful manner through riddles have captivated my toddler. She insists on completing several in one sitting.
  •     Love this book for my 4 year old. He thinks it is fun and wants to keep doing more. Some seem hard. You don't need to mark in the book, so you could do the whole book and start all over again.
  •     This book is expensive to what it is. It didn't take my 4 year old more than an hour or so to do all of the activities in the book.
  •     Very nice workbook. I am very happy that I have dicovered Critical Thinking Co, books, now I am sure this one wont be the last one I buy from them.
  •     I got this book for my 4 year old who loves to do workbooks. It was a good thing to do with her because it focused us on doing things that were fun, but built basic thinking...
  •     Amazing book . Very helpful in building crucial skills and in preparing your child to take a test.
  •     A great book for a 2.5 year old and upEach page has a riddle followed by very nicely colored picture... in case your child is too young to retain the entire riddle in order to find the correct answer, start by discussing each one clue at the time. This is a great discussion book also.I highly recommend it!
  •     written in with crayon several pages
  •     Great for 4 year olds
  •     Great critical thinking workbook. My daughter and I work through approximately 1-2 pages a night to stimulate her and supplement what she is learning in school.
  •     Loved this! And is reusable for each kid in your family! Has riddles that your child has to solve (And ours really enjoyed figuring out what the riddle was about) You could write in it if you want- but we just did this one verbally and once or twice a week (doing a few each time)! Our daughters really looked forward to doing this one! Would recommend for at home thinking skills activity!
  •     Great critical thinking book for preschool aged kids! My 4 year old loves it! As a teacher of gifted students in the elementary grades, this is a GREAT precursor for developing critical thinking skills.

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