Meatmen, Vol. 15

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Press: Leyland Publications (October 1993)


This is an Adult Entertainment Magazine featuring Nude Men.


Gay & Lesbian,Literature & Fiction,Erotica,Lesbian,Gay,LGBT

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  •     Gerald Donelan has 15 cartoons this Volume, including both color covers! Other highlights: "Coley: Bayou Boy" by John Blackburn, in which the blonde voodoo boy has fun with a guy he meets in a riverfront bar (at least, until they're interrupted); "Mythology Revisited" by The Hun, wherein he experiments with fully-rendered graytone art; "Big Lay Down The Highway" by Farraday, a fun tale about truckers shot from pencilled art (I just wish this guy would take some DRAWING classes!); "A Wedding In The Family" by Kurt Erichsen, a comedy involving a guy trying to deal with a possessive mother; and "Dune Buggers" by Sean, in which a guy celebrates his birthday outdoors in the wild-- with a wild pack of friends!
  •     If only for the subject matter (more than the quality of the art, as usual) this was one of my favorite Volumes in this series. Most (if not quite all) the contributors did stories with a sci-fi angle-- robots, time-travel, space ships, you name it.Highlights: In Stephen Lowthar's "Out Of The Blue", a suburbanite finds & falls for the pilot of a crashed UFO-- the art here is among the closest to "mainstream" comics I've ever seen in MEATMEN. "Cryogenics" by Farraday, a very good-natured tale about a man awoken in an all-gay future, which I enjoyed despite terribly amateurish art. "Dimension X" by John Blackburn finds his blonde hero Coley transported by scientists to another world whose royal ruler is in dire need; one of my favorite Coley short stories, and one of the HOTTEST! "The Nine Billion Names Of Penis" by Kurt Erichsen is an amusing encounter involving aliens on a quest for books of knowledge. "Rocket Riders: Planet Of The Blondes" by Greg Garcia & "Space Adventures Of Nick & Seth" by Joven provide more fun space antics with traditional (if not overly outstanding) art. Cartoonist Gerald Donelan, always a joy, provides 9 cartoons this time, including front & back color covers. Also in this volume are 3 chapters of Jeffrey A. Krell's "Jayson", a humorous TV sitcom-like strip. These are lots of fun-- they just seem very out-of-place in an otherwise "sci-fi" issue! (The rest I could do without-- but that's nothing new.)

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