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Press: MPS Multimedia Inc. DBA Selectsoft (January 1, 1984)
Publication Date:1984-1
Author Name:Aaltio, Maija-Hellikki


The second volume of the Finnish course introduces the learner to structures needed in writing, as well as speech, especially the use of participles and infinitives as substitutes for various subordinate clauses. 
Dialogs and narratives are without English translations and the number of new words listed for each chapter has been somewhat reduced.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     Any foreigner who is interested in learning Finnish could benefit. There is also an exercise book which could be a useful tool when learning Finnish.
  •     Finnish for Foreigners provides a good basis for anyone learning to speak Finnish. Its vocabulary is that of common words and its examples are those that are commonly encountered (buying in the marketplace, using public transportation.) It also provides a grammatical foundation which you can build from. The downside of this book is its confusing order. The chapters do not seem to flow, but rather subject matter is broken into 2 or 3 separate chapters located far apart in the book. The book also has no glossary, which I found annoying. I bought this book to learn the spoken language of Finnish. When coupled with a dictionary and Finnish for Foreigners 2, it was very adequate for the year I spent in Finland. The book also has a Finnish author, who adds an enjoyable flavor of the typical Finnish personality to the book.
  •     I just recently began my studies of Elven, and have found this textbook to be especially helpful.If you are a beginner and studying on your own--as I am--I would recommend this book to you without reservation.Finnish is an absolutely beautiful language!Good luck in your studies!
  •     Great book to help you learn Finnish.
  •     perfect conditions. Definitely recommend this guy.All pages in perfect state and no marks at all.Impressive for an excercise book.
  •     I bought this book and was sorely disappointed. There are two problems... 1) the book has no practice excercises and 2) the book is very small for the price! ...
  •     I find the textbook very useful and easy to learn from
  •     Instructional books on the Finnish language are hard to come by. Aaltio's "Finnish for Foreigners" provides a good introduction for the struggling beginner who is trying to make sense of the Finnish language's difficult grammar and syntax.Although its organization is a bit uneven, "Finnish for Foreigners" does a good job of introducing the student to new words and of building a Finnish vocabulary. At the same time one learns the basics of Finnish grammar. Aaltio slowly introduces the nuances of Finnish grammar so that one can build their skills and confidence with Finnish."Finnish for Foreigners" was my first instructional book in the Finnish language. It provided me the basis I required to expand my Finnish skills and I highly reccomend it to anyone who is seeking an introduction to Finnish.
  •     great book
  •     great book!
  •     I'm the biggest Finnish for Foreigners fanboy there is. The choice of vocab and the lessons are all broken up very wonderfully and evenly, as well as in the order of usage, as in: you learn more common words before less common ones. It doesn't have any exercises, so if exercises are important to you, purchase the workbook (it's expensive, but just keep an eye on it, cheap used versions pop up periodically, buy them quick, because they go fast.) The other complaint I saw was about how it presented regular processes as irregular.This is mostly just a problem of terminology. It presents them in a nice methodical way, but you can see at certain points, that the author is not a native English speaker. This is one of those points, but it really doesn't impede your learning, it's just a skosh odd.Still an amazing resource. I recommend it to absolutely everyone I meet.
  •     This is a classic introductory text to the Finnish language. After a few pages of basic pronunciation instructions, it starts students off with simple sentences like "What is this?". By the end of the 40th lesson, students are able to read and discuss extended dialogs about daily life. Each chapter starts with a dialog, presented simultaneously in Finnish and English in bilingual columns. The dialog is followed by a short pronunciation section, then some grammar explanations, and then a list of new vocabulary presented in alphabetical order. Each chapter is quite short, usually consisting of only 4-6 pages.The choice of vocabulary is rather good. The beginning chapters introduce the most commonly used words in the language, as well as words that might be needed by students or new arrivals to Finland. Cultural details are also inserted in the readings, such as asking directions in downtown Helsinki, shopping on market squares, and Jean Sibelius.My main complaint with the text is that it presents some perfectly predictable phonological processes as irregular. That really rubs me the wrong way because Finnish has to be just about the most regular language in the world, as long as you learn how to apply the rules correctly. Personally, and as a linguist, I much prefer mastering the regular phonological rules of a language rather than memorizing different forms of individual words as Aaltio has her learners do. Aaltio does explain the rules eventually, in chapter 23, but I would think these rules would help even new beginners. This textbook may work well for some students, but it's not my personal favorite.
  •     This book assumes and builds on a knowledge of Finnish equivalent to Finnish for Foreigners 1. It dispenses with the English translations of the example texts, which are quite demanding. The book concentrates very much on the written language, and the language points covered are quite advanced as would be expected. Some are rather obscure, but for the most part not beyond what you would expect to find in a quality newspaper. The chapters are not quite so digestible as those in FFF1, but, again, this is to be expected. Definitely recommended for the serious student.

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