The New American Roget's College Thesaurus in Dictionary Form

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Press: Rebound by Sagebrush; Revised edition (August 1993)
Author Name:Philip D Morehead
Edition:Revised Edition


Previously published in hardcover as The Penguin Roget's College Thesaurus in Dictionary Form, this all-new paperback edition contains more than 5,000 new words and phrases with synonyms and antonyms for each word listed alphabetically for quick, convenient use. 
Includes 30 new categories and famous quotes and phrases as examples of usage.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Excellent dictionary that isn't too big or heavy to carry. Print is easy to read without a magnifier. A great all-around dictionary for anyone!
  •     What I exptected.
  •     Let's be clear: I'm reviewing "New American Webster Handy College Dictionary, 4th Edition (Newly Revised)". Amazon's crossed this dictionary's reviews with those of a thesaurus, and I hope Amazon is working on a correction.The word "college" in the title is a saddening sign of the times. It might pass in a vo-tech school or a community college, but this one isn't for the Ivy League. In fact, I wouldn't recommend it as a primary resource for even a fairly advanced middle school pupil. Simply put, it's a short dictionary with limited paper to put definitions on. The cover describes the definitions as "clear", but "concise" would be more forthcoming.Here's a simple example of what's wrong with this dictionary:sup-pos"-i-ti'tious [pronunciation] adj. 1, pretended; spurious. 2, supposed. Also, sup"po-si'tious [pronunciation]My problem here is that this dictionary missed the essential difference between the words suppositious and supposititious. The former essentially means "supposed", while the latter implies intent of fraud -- which in light of the publisher's claims for this dictionary seems strangely appropriate.
  •     I discovered my small dictionary next to my computer was so old it didn't have the word I wanted to look up. I love my new Webster and it did have my word in it. Thanks.
  •     Nice handy size if you want something that is not big.
  •     For a moderately priced dictionary, it is more than adequate
  •     great price
  •     Did not meet my expectations. A lot of words aren't in dictionary
  •     Great
  •     As always, this is a fine help to all writers.
  •     Exactly what I was looking for, everyone should have a dictionary handy. Especially, if you write or type anything regularly.
  •     These were gift items, arrived as promised and receiver enjoyed the book.
  •     Good book to have in stock.
  •     I bought this as a handy way to look up words I was unfamiliar with (BA English Lit) as I read. As I read a popular newsmagazine, a popular British murder mystery and watched a popular TV comedy, I looked up about a dozen words. Only about a third were listed, and a few of those had incomplete or erroneous definitions. VERY disappointing.I guess this could help you spell.
  •     My english Professor told me that I need to get a dictionary so that I don't misspell any words in the future. This is a great size and a good value for the money.
  •     I have a BA in History, but that doesn't mean I don't come across words I don't know. I wanted a handy, AUTHORITATIVE book for the nightstand for those odd words that come up in history texts (and, yes, novels). "Strake" is a good example (thank you Bernard Cornwell). That word is not in this book. Neither is the "F" word - ironically, the true touchstone of collegiate work. This book is good for the High School level, but would flunk for any college level. Sad, because Webster's hardcover collegiate is one of the best.
  •     great
  •     Very handy!

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