Understanding Mathematics: From Counting to Calculus

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Press: K Squared Publishing, Inc. (May 15, 1997)
Author Name:Keith I. Kressin


A very comprehensive, easy-to-read math book written for a  non-technical audience. 
Concepts and real-world examples are emphasized.
Ideal for adults who desire to help their children with math.
Also, excellent for those studying for the GED.


Science & Math,Mathematics,Pure Mathematics,Calculus

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  •     This book explains math in a way that is understandable but not dumbed down. So instead of just memorizing rules they make since.
  •     I love how this explains all the way through calculus.I do, however, suggest you look at it before buying it... it may not be your style... quite wordy, but this works for me. It really focuses on understanding the basics before moving on.
  •     Amazing thank you very helpful! Highly recommended!Renee (Rivki) SilverbergAuthor of Understanding Children and Families with Autism Spectrum Disordershttp://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Children-Families-Spectrum-Disorders/dp/1622127269/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1418769206&sr=1-1&keywords=understanding+children+and+families+with+autism+spectrum+disorders
  •     This is my favorite math resorce book. It does a nice job explaining everything! I used this same book for homeschooling my kids when they passed beyond my math skills, and they made it from high school to college math just fine. I recently used this book to help me pass a test!
  •     This is a great tool for all ages. Very easy to follow. Even starting at the basics, little things pop up that may not of been known. I would highly recommend this book.
  •     This book covers every topic in mathematics. Kinda like having an encyclopedia (condensed) right in your hands. I've been looking for such a book for quite some time, thank you!
  •     Helped me study for my math certification and is a no-nonsense explanation in plain English for my students.
  •     I love this book and I agree with the other reviewer. I wish I had a Science book written like this. I am a homeschooling Mom & this is all we use for Math right now. It's everything we need in one book. Excellent!
  •     It's a great learning or refresher book.
  •     The book is a bit dry but excellent as a resource!
  •     I bought this book based on the reviews on this site and other educational sites. I had hoped it would help my teen in understanding math better, especially since Algebra is not a subject matter than I am well versed in.I should mention that this is good source for geometry and basic math help. The division and multiplication problems are well explained and broken down into step-by-step problems.My daughter and I did not find the book all that helpful in getting a better understanding of some of her algebra equation issues. I just I think a better breakdown of the algebra problems and more information on how to solve the equations would have been more helpful to us.However, my neighbor who is a math whiz...just loved this book. So it is truly a matter of perspective.
  •     The author had conferred with teachers and students for feedback while writing the book. The end product is a concise and easy to follow step-by-step progress from arithmetic, fractions, percentages, negative numbers, exponents, algebra, solving equations, functions, graphing, geometry, trigonometry, logarithms, complex numbers, calculus, derivative and the integral. All these done within about 332 pages. Quite an achievement. It is done in a fashion that even mums and dads will enjoy teaching their children. Excellent for home schooling. No more need to search for expensive tutors. Even science books should be fashioned this way. Listen, you science teachers out there!The students will grasp the fundamentals of the subject with many illustrations and simple language so lacking in books nowadays. The author clearly looks from the view of the poor students out there who suffer while going on to the next topic in the class without understanding the previous topics. I have recommended this book to a number of my friends with high praise from all. An excellent job, Mr Kressin!
  •     A math book that simply yet thoroughly describes fundamental math! In my opinion, this is a must for any family teaching math.

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