Seeking Self: An Inner Journey to Healthy Relationship

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Press: Heal Foundation Press (September 27, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-9
Author Name:McLaughlin Jr., Stephan


Our current state of discontent or satisfaction can be better understood through honest and sincere self-inquiry. 
Seeking Self: an inner journey to healthy relationship is a guidebook to such an exploration.
Stephan McLaughlin, Jr.
offers Five Ways that anyone, whether motivated by suffering or curiosity, can follow to learn, heal and grow.
These Ways show us a path to a deeper relationship with our real Self and can ultimately help us establish a cornerstone for growing more meaningful relationships with other people.
Simply stated, healthy relationship begins with being more aware of Self and the impact of our personal beliefs and choices.
The reader is gently awakened to the significance of the little things in our lives, our words, actions, reactions, beliefs, assumptions, feelings and needs, and how these come together to form our relationship experiences and consequences.
With refreshing candor, humility, and clarity, Stephan McLaughlin shares his own story of healing and transformation.
Anyone who has ught to discover their own identity, overcome addiction, or find happiness in relationship with others will be able to identify with and benefit from this inner journey.
The relationship skills and tools that Stephan presents are simple and profound.
More importantly, they work! One’s entire life and relationships can change for the good by applying the experience, strength, and hope found within the pages of this wonderful book.
Without blame or shame Stephan inspires us to claim our woundedness and consider the nurturing and healing choices that helped him create more fulfilling and joyful relationships in his own life.
The intention of Seeking Self: an inner journey to healthy relationship is to share these gifts with each reader so they too can know Self in a healthy, loving way and begin to experience the inner joy and harmony they desire and deserve.


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  •     Outdoorsman, husband and father, and active member of the Mankind Project and the organization Heal, Stephan McLaughlin, Seeking Self: An Inner Journey to Healthy Relationship, a self-help guide featuring five ways to improve healthy relationships. Offering both practical and spiritual encouragement, Seeking Self covers how to awaken and expand awareness, find personal power, discover feelings, nurture needs, and create inner harmony. A celebration of and invaluable guide to cultivating positive relationships with friends, family and loved ones. "We react to [negative] events by telling ourselves we are somehow bad, unworthy, less than, or not good enough... these harsh, unkind self-messages cast a shadow of inadequacy, robbing us of our inner harmony. Gentle, kind, and reassuring messages of Self-talk replace the old taskmaster with a compassionate voice that gently blesses and forgives."
  •     This book is truly inspirational. It helped me find a path to my true self. Although the journey is not complete, it was an excellent staring point. I had the opportunity to meet and spend some quality time with the author discussing the book and some of his beliefs. He is a genuine human being who truly believes the content of his book-and lives it everyday. Although his life has not been perfect, he has the inner-peace to face adversity on a daily basis. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to find their true self. It also makes a great gift as I have given numerous copies to people who finds themselves in troubled waters.

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