The Raceboys

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Press: Hard Title Publishing (November 12, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-11
Author Name:Johnson, T. J.


Thad Nigel Thompson, often called TNT by his fans, was by far one of the best young racecar drivers on the circuit. 
His big break came two years ago after obtaining a ride in the top racing series, and winning the championship his first year.
T had money, a beautiful house, the best racecars, and considered the top star on the track.
He thought he was happy, but away from the track, he often felt alone.
When T met Jack, and everything changed about the way he thought and felt, but keeping it a secret in the giant sport of racing was nearly impossible.
He felt happier than he had been in his whole life, but a determined blackmailer set about a plan exposing his secret to the world.
He survived hundreds of wrecks, including spins, flips, and massive impacts to the wall, and more, just so he could win.
He didn't care about anything that happened to him, as long as he didn't lose Jack.


Gay & Lesbian,Literature & Fiction,Fiction,Gay,Genre Fiction

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  •     As much as I wanted to like this book, as much as I expected I would like the story, it consistently disappointed me from start to end. The characters would have been likeable had the author not intruded so often and let them speak for themselves. Editorial errors occurred so frequently that they almost became part of the action. This author can do better, as evidenced by some of his other books. With some effort Raceboys could have been a great read, but sadly the author didn't bother, so why should you?

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