Affirmations for Abundance: How to Create Wealth with Words

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Press: Winding Path Press (August 9, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-8
Author Name:Russell, Jeanne Ellen


Affirmations for Abundance is an introductory guide to affirmations with a focus on attracting prosperity and abundance. 
This slim volume is intended to be read in one sitting so you can make immediate use of affirmations in your own life.
Basic questions, such as, "What are Affirmations? and "How can I use positive affirmations to improve my life?" are answered simply.
This book includes instructions on creating positive spiritual affirmations for yourself.
The final chapter gives you extra tips and methods to attract abundance, prosperity, or anything else you desire.
Whatever your definition of abundance, these affirmations will help attract that abundance to you.
On a broader level, this book is intended to counter the "scarcity mentality" that permeates our global consciousness.
When the average person hears nothing but bad news about the world's financial situation, they often feel confused and impotent.
This book answers the question, "What can I do?" Anyone can read this book and immediately start using affirmations to help transform the the negative global consciousness into a positive prosperity consciousness for all.

About the Author

Jeanne Russell is an entrepreneur, publisher, mom, amateur actor, activist, teacher, hostess, and friend. 
She first became interested in the power of affirmations when she read Napoleon Hill's classic, Think and Grow Rich and then met Barbara Winter, author of Making a Living without a Job.
After attending Winter's seminar also called "Making a Living without a Job" (several times), Jeanne resigned from her position as a government contractor and moved to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia to pursue making a living on her own terms.
To this end, Jeanne runs a creative services business, publishes several websites, and instructs on topics from publishing to making natural cleaning supplies for the home.
From 2006 to 2009, she co-hosted the Just Say It! radio show on WSVG in Mt Jackson, VA and produced the Valley of the Stars radio show on 95.3 FM The River before that.
Jeanne continues to pursue her dreams, and encourages others to do the same.



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Comment List (Total:6)

  •     This is a great starter book for affirmations for wealth, abundance and success. It's not a large book, yet it contains all the information you will need to get started on manifesting the life of your dreams through the creative power of the spoken word.
  •     A book we all need beside the bed. A daily reminder to think positive.An easy and to the point read.
  •     You won't spend hours pouring over this book, but each minute will be worthwhile as each affirmation makes you stop and think about what you're doing and feeling and helps guide your thoughts toward positive outcomes. I love the power of positive thinking.
  •     Easy to read yet inspiring. Great How To book.Author says "This little book is meant to be pleasing and easy." A sample affirmation to ponder - "I have more than enough to meet my needs and what I don't need, I share."
  •     This book has been an amazingly motivational part of my life. I went from a job that I hate to pursuing my dreams in just a few months. PLUS It's the perfect travel size so you can peak at it throughout the day for motivation. It's also a really great bargain for the amount of guidance.I'm on my way to abundance by way of my words!
  •     I find reading this lightens my spirit. Each of the affirmations as I encounter them gets right to my heart. My own values are in accord with this book. To promote happiness in the world, to walk with beauty, to remember loved ones. Read to draw your joy into life.

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