Life Entwined with Lily's: The Third in a Trilogy (The Lily Series)

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Press: Caritas Press; 1st edition (April 1, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-4
Author Name:Boas, Sherry


Life Entwined with Lily's  A dark day in Beth Lovely's past casts a mournful shadow over her entire future. 
And although Beth has revealed her unspeakable secret to no one, her Aunt Lily is unwittingly responsible for a resuscitating breath of new hope.
And so comes an unpredictable and satisfying conclusion to a trilogy that chronicles Lily's impact on three generations of family.

About the Author

Sherry Boas holds a B.S. 
in journalism from Arizona State University and wrote for a daily newspaper for ten years.
But it was her vocation as a mother that would best prepare her for an author’s career.
For her, truth resounds in the struggles and triumphs of every-day family life.
And fiction, although made up, must still be true.
Sherry has a passion for truth and is picky about little else.
Except, of course, how her coffee is grown, harvested, roasted, ground, stored and brewed.
She places such a high value on friendship, however, that she will drink even a bad cup of coffee with a good friend.
Sherry and her husband, Phil, are the joyful parents of four warm-hearted and highly-adrenalized human beings, who make life rich beyond belief.
They live in Arizona.


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  •     Sherry Boas is captivating writer. I enjoyed all three books she has written of the Trilogy. I have given three sets of the trilogy to friends.
  •     I can't recall the last time a novel (in this case three) has impacted me so powerfully.Until Lily: The First in a TrilogyWherever Lily Goes: The Second in a TrilogyLife Entwined with Lily's: The Third in a Trilogyis a remarkable series that explores some of the greatest joys and deepest sorrows of life. I am still blown away by how profoundly each of these books has touched me. Questions, conflicts, struggles, and temptations are treated with the levity and gravity that the biggest challenges, sacrifices, and decisions are given in real life. Chances are very good you will find yourself easily able to identify with the complex inner workings of these people, these families, and that you will find in one or more of the situations something that speaks so perfectly to your own suffering that tears seem like the only possible release.Life Entwined with Lily's: The Third in a Trilogyis a very close-up look at how the love, influence, and impact of one person can transform many hearts, souls, and minds. Without the help of a wannabe angel named Clarence or a trip to the past, author Sherry Boas creates a beautiful affirmation of life, faith, hope, and relationships that reaches even deeper than the classic It's a Wonderful Life. These modern-day persons aren't perfect by any means. Their lives are not ideal. They are messy, complicated, and at times very bleak. The characters grapple with the major questions about: what gives life value, meaning, who or what determines who should live, how long, and why. I prefer my characters to be very full, dynamic, believable. In these books, that's precisely what they are. No one's perfect. Not a single person has mastered unconditional love, perfect compassion, or limitless forgiveness, but they're genuinely trying. I am quite amazed that without being preachy or having some sort of flawless character to act as perfect guide for everyone else, the author of the Lily Trilogy has covered in just three books a majority of the respect life issues from conception to natural death in realistic, thought-provoking, meaningful ways as well as touched on every single one of the Seven Sacraments in the Catholic Church. These two accomplishments in and of themselves would be impressive, but within such readable heart-wrenching works of fiction, they raise the bar for fiction, especially Christian and Catholic, as a whole.
  •     I am midway in completing this the 3rd book in the trilogy about Lily and those around her.It is helpful to read the books in order as the trilogy covers a period of...
  •     This is an excellent conclusion to the Lily trilogy. Although we don't hear Lily's voice very much in this book, we are still shown the many ways that Lily has enriched the...
  •     Life Entwined with Lily's is the last installment in the Lily Trilogy penned by experienced fiction author and journalist Sherry Boas.In the first book, Until Lily, Ms. Boas introduces the reader to the trilogy's main character, Lily Eagan, born with Down syndrome. After her mother Jennifer dies, Lily and her siblings are cared for by Beverly Greeley, Jennifer's only sister. Narrated from Aunt Bev's point of view, we learn how the lives of the Eagan children and the Greeleys are changed forever.In the second book, Wherever Lily Goes, Lily is living at a group home in Seattle mourning the death of Aunt Bev. Her sister Terry lives in Minnesota with her husband Jake Lovely and their three daughters: Laura, Katie, and Beth, an extremely disturbed and troublesome teenager. Through Terry's narrative, we learn about the Lovelys' relocation to Seattle to give Lily a family and a home. Terry also recounts Lily's dilemmas, developmental issues, and unique family dynamics, including Lily's special bond with her dad, Pablo.In Life Entwined with Lily's, the trilogy's masterpiece, we get to know a more grown-up Lily, a young woman who dreams of marriage and motherhood. On her way to visit her dad in California, Lily meets Frank Stillwell and it's love at first sight. Lily and Frank get married and live in a guest house in the Lovely's backyard. As the story unfolds, the reader will rejoice at Lily's marriage and be pleasantly surprised at her excellent mothering skills. But Lily's life will have its share of trials too.The book is narrated by Beth, whose style is a sweet and sour mix of deep concern toward others and a search for self-worthiness. With this character, the author brings to our attention some of the issues facing adolescents: peer pressure, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, and abortion. It also explores how wrong decisions and actions can affect a teen's self-esteem.After reading the trilogy, Beth became my favorite character. The author discloses Beth's darkest secret, haunting remorse, and how her tormented soul finally found peace. She emerges as a strong and notably caring young woman.Writing a trilogy is an enormous amount of work and a great challenge for an author. It requires a skillful hand to maintain each character's uniqueness throughout the story. Ms. Boas takes it a step further with the Lily Trilogy, the chronological story of Lily and her significant influence on others. She writes from three completely different points of view without distorting her characters' idiosyncrasies.Although they were written as part of a trilogy, each book could be read individually. However, to fully appreciate Lily's transformation, the trilogy should be read in its entirety.I highly recommend the Lily Trilogy to readers who delight themselves in fiction based on real-life events and Catholic values. It not only tells a good story, but it could also bring hope to people dealing with a shameful past by demonstrating that all wounds are healed through God's redeeming love.Reviewed by the author of:The Window To My Soul : My Walk With Jesus
  •     Super great
  •     Loved it
  •     I have read all three of the Lily Trilogy and must say Sherry Boas does a wonderful job of getting into the heart, soul, and mind of each of her characters. In the culture of death that we live in it is so easy to dismiss a life in the womb and reject "it" because it is "different", handicapped, downsyndrome, etc. Boas shows us that these lives are not meant to be a burden to us, but a blessing. Too often we get caught up in the "Oh my goodness what did I do to deserve this" as if having a child with a handicap is some sort of curse, when in essence it is truely a blessing. I had a priest share once that God sends handicapied children to those He really loves because those parents will reap the most joy that only a handicap child can bring the world.Lily's Pure Love affected everyone around her and in turn touched the lives of other people as well. The ending is what I love most about this book. You never know why God puts two people together or why things happen. Life is not always what it seems. We may think there is a clear cut plan, or reason for something, but God could have very different plans. This third Lily showed how just because things look a certain way doesn't mean that it's what God has called a person to do. Very amazing Sherry. I can't wait to read more books from her.

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