FCC Rules and Regulations (Fcc Rules and Regulations for the Amateur Radio Service)

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Press: Amer Radio Relay League; third edition (December 1, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-12
Author Name:American Radio Relay League


This booklet includes the complete Part 97 rules from Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations. 
Rules effective September 3, 2014.
Includes The FCC Rules and You


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  •     I just recently got involved in Ham Radio and just received my license to operate an Amateur Radio station. I needed to know just what I'm allowed to do and what I'm not allowed to do. This book covers all aspects of operating an Amateur station so you don't get in trouble with the FCC.
  •     To clarify the dates on the product description: This really is the current edition of the FCC Rules and Regulations for the Amateur Radio Service published by ARRL, copyright 2008-2014. "Rules effective September 3, 2014."
  •     Don't bother with it, it doesn't cover the latest rules. It's ok as it has a copy of ARRL's version of the frequency plan, but the FCC stuff is out of date.
  •     just recieved this last friday have started reading it
  •     I bought this for my Son however from Past experience I have found this to be Very Satisfactory. I would Highly Recommend it.
  •     Your system of receiving feedback is nuts. Why should I take my time to fill in 19 words of praise. These should be optional at my discretion.
  •     Just what I thought it was
  •     While this is available on PDF from the FCC, it is nice to have ARRL's copy of the FCC Rules and Regulations that contain Part 97 that govern the Amateur Radio Service. You need one for your shack.It is what it is, great price, nicely laid out and accessible. I have no complaints.
  •     Well written, easy to understand, MDG
  •     Easy to understand and well written
  •     FCC rules in one book. It is what it is. Nothing special just government rules. Good read if you need to go to sleep.
  •     This booklet contains the complete Title 47 Part 97 law that forms the basis of regulation for amateur radio. The book is divided into roughly two equal parts. The last half of the book contains the unexpurgated version of Part 97. The first half of the book contains commentary on the law (by Dan Henderson N1ND)--which is helpful since some regulations are rather obtuse (like the definition of "Line A") and like any other law, the interpretation is subject to, well, interpretation. Anyone contemplating joining the ranks of amateur radio operators would be well advised to obtain a copy of Part 97 and read the law. The modest size of Part 97 is somewhat surprising given the natural tendency of governments to over-regulate. However, the FCC has always relied on the fall-back phrase: "each amateur station must be operated in accordance with good engineering and good amateur practice" SubPart B 97.101a.
  •     Arrived on time and exactly as described

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