Bacteria for Breakfast: Probiotics for Good Health

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Press: Trafford Publishing (2003)
Author Name:Karpa, Kelly Dowhower


Although in Western society the beneficial aspects of bacteria have been increasingly minimized, we actually need bacteria in our digestive tracts for good health. 
This resource explains, to laymen and physicians, how probiotics support immune function, prevent urogenital infections, and maintain good gastrintestinal health.


Health, Fitness & Dieting,Diseases & Physical Ailments,Asthma,Alternative Medicine

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  •     I heard this is a great book, can't wait to read it.
  •     My son was tested and diagnosed with food allergies for Wheat, Corn, Soy, Rice, Yeast, Eggs, potatoes, and tomatoes after several months of going to doctors and Seattle Children's Hospital for help. We went to an environmental doctor who gave us an "antigen" for daily use and we were instructed to avoid all food allergens. Given this incredible list, it was difficult to feed my 11 yr old son. He tested positive for the celiac gene and we were told he had celiac by a naturopathic doctor. It was a very difficult time and when he had reaction, it was 5 days on the couch with tears and no relief. The amount of pain my son experienced was incredible.I became better at cooking and avoiding the allergens. I found this book on Amazon and read it while I was thinking about fecal transplants for my son. I put him on a 6 week heavy program of pro-biotics and pre-biotics while making raw yogurt and cultured vegetables. After 3 weeks, he told me that he was no longer had food allergies. I cannot believe the dramatic turn around for my son. After reading this book, I am angry at Seattle Children's Hospital Pediatric Gastroenterologists for not staring out with a 6-week probiotic program before prescribing tons of toxic medicine.Probiotics for Breakfast also gives you a true sense of the complexity and how the immune system really works on a cellular communication level. I am fascinated by science and enjoyed the research that supports every point the author makes. I have now read several other books on the subject of probiotics and none compares with the clear message and research to this book.I highly recommend you read it for yourself and develop your own probiotic guidelines.
  •     I am a pharmacist, but this book is a great book for everyone, but especially mothers-to-be. How bacteria play into our immune system is amazing. I had no idea. A must read for all physicians and pharmacists.
  •     Interesting read. I like to ferment my own food and this book helps you to understand how good bacteria works in your body.
  •     Maybe a bit ponderous and boring, as I find all fact-based scientific books to be, but still chock full of very usefull facts.
  •     This is an easy book to understand, for such a complex topic, and will convince you of the need to protect the health of your digestive system, which, in my case, had been...
  •     Having read many medical papers and health books, though slightly dated, this book has the best description and detailed review of any writing I've seen on probiotics.
  •     And very well presented.The science, while not fully resolved is clearly explained. Both what is known and what isn't (yet)
  •     My son was diagnosed with severe reflux, eczema and food allergies. I have spent hundreds of hours trying to research probiotics. ALL of this information is contained right inside this powerful book- An absolute wealth of information and leads. One of the most important parts is where the author helps you select a probiotic, since much of what is on the market is worthless, mislabeled or dead bacteria. I have lent this book out more times than I can count, and I often recommend it. It will save you time and money and it may just save your health.
  •     The simple mention of Kefir in this book was enough to win me over. It's ability to re-balance a gut, reducing all sorts of health issues, is more than I can say for most other...
  •     The author knows her subject but I was reading to get some suggestions for adding probiotics to my morning routine. The book ended where I hoped it would begin.
  •     The information in this book literally saved my mother's life. She was hospitalized and contracted C Diff and no antibiotic helped; in fact, the information in this book will help you understand how antibiotics can be hazardous. If you know anyone who suffers from this heinous infection, buy this book, read and find solace and information that can help cure you. Bless you, Dr.Karpa.
  •     Probiotics are products containing bacteria that are beneficial to health. Digestive problems and allergies are increasing in developed countries and much of the source of these difficulties appears to lie with a poor mixture of bacteria in the intestine. Taking probiotics to remedy the imbalance is a popular approach among the general public, but very little reliable information is available.Kelly Karpa's book remedies this by providing a readable and scientifically-sound review of current knowledge.Dr Karpa is both a qualified pharmacist and a concerned parent, and she combines her skills to produce an admirable book. It explains the gut microflora (billions of bacteria that reside in each person's intestine) and also the evidence for probiotics improving a range of disorders.These disorders include infectious diarrhoea (gastroenteritis, antibiotic-associated diarrhoea, Clostridium difficile, traveler's diarrhoea), allergies (rhinitis, asthma, food allergies), urogenital infections (vaginitis, UTIs), and inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis).An especially useful chapter is on how to select a good probiotic. There is also information on prebiotics, soluble dietary fibre that boosts numbers of one's existing beneficial bacteria.The two chapters on the immune system are a bit heavy going for the general reader, but they both have a short summary and the chapters can be skipped without spoiling the rest of the book. Also, there is no index. But the book is well-structured with detailed Contents pages, so the absence of an index should not prove a major difficulty.Despite these minor weaknesses, the book is invaluable for people with any of the listed chronic conditions as well as for health professionals who work with such patients.
  •     I was very excited to get this book on probiotics. Looking at the cover, I was led to believe it would share amazing ways to get probiotics via wholesome food like, fermented foods, kombucha, kefir,... Instead, it was heavy on the pharmaceutical drugs that have partially worked or failed with certain diseases like Crohn's. She talks about getting probiotics via pharmaceutical companies and went so far to say something about "reputable pharmaceutical company". Reputable and pharmaceutical company is an oxymoron. We are saturated with drugs and vaccines and yet we are the sickest country and worse off than we were 30, 40, 50, 100 years ago when there was less of it. In addition, she mentions all of the drugs that have been used for gut illnesses, like colitis and it's evident there is nothing that cures, at least not pharmaceutical related. I finished half way as it leaned heavily towards the pharmaceutical industry. She's a pharmacist so I can see why this is her slant, but I still feel the title and cover was very misleading. If you want an excellent book on probiotics mother nature's way, that actually remedies health issues without the damaging side effects, read The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates!
  •     My 2 star rating is not a criticism of the book, itself, but rather its usefulness to me. I am having trouble getting into it for long enough to find the part (if there is one)...

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