Waiting for a Baby: Our Successful Infertility Journey

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Press: AuthorHouse (December 2, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-12
Author Name:Sargent, Sabrina


Sabrina and Tony had a "Grand Plan": They would get married and when they were ready to start a family, they would get pregnant. 
It seemed simple enough.
But life has a way setting up barricades on the road to success.
And as Sabrina and Tony soon realized, their decision to have a baby was just the beginning of a long and arduous journey.
Rich with evocative images and personal details, Waiting for a Baby: Our Successful Infertility Journey takes you inside the hearts and minds of a young couple whose dream of becoming parents seems continually thwarted.
Author Sabrina Sargent leads you step by step through the experiences she and her husband shared - from the frustrating days of trying to conceive to enduring the questions of well-meaning people; from fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization to alternative medicine, the option of adoption, and prayer.
Often heartbreaking, ultimately uplifting, Tony and Sabrina's journey is an inspiration not just to couples who face infertility but to all who travel a difficult road, guided by hope and faith.


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  •     This book helped me so much with dealing with my infertility! From the author's personal account of infertility treatments, vitamins, herbs, accupuncture, prayer and the options of adoption, I found many useful tips. I also learned how important it is to mentally prepare yourself for this emotional battleground we call infertility! Great booka and worth the read!
  •     This book helped me enormously with mental and physical aspects of infertility. The author gives so much great advice on all the different issues which are so challenging to people going through infertility. She covers everything from prayer, adoption choices, accupuncture, herbs, vitamins, and all different sorts of infertility treatments. It was refreshing to read a book written by a patient rather than a doctor. I learned a lot and this book inspired me to not give up!

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