My Wonderful Nightmare: Spiritual Journals Inspired by Cancer

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Press: Trafford (June 24, 2010)
Author Name:Erin Higgins &. Alma Lightbody, Higgins


A shocking diagnosis of ovarian cancer at thirty-one forces Erin to question her very existence and life purpose. 
Her dance with cancer inspires her to bare her soul through her journals which guide her to teach and share with others.
Her research, studies, and practical experiences are revealed in detail to enable everyone to learn what she learns, especially about "listening to your body" Erin chronicles her experiences with conventional and alternative healing and wellness treatments and tells us what works for her and what doesn't.
As Erin's body begins to deteriorate, she shares the last part of her journey and faces the reality of dying.
Her honesty and courage shine through even when choosing how and when to die.
Part Two shares deeply revealing stories from others about Erin's process after death and how she 'bridges' the two worlds through metaphysical forms of communication.
As interviews with family and friends complete the circle, Erin leaves us with a page of insights: What would Erin say?


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  •     I never tire of reading a book that is full of spirit and courage and most of all true. Erin was lucky to have you as her mentor and author. You did her a great service by sharing her story in her words at her request. The bravery she shared was untouchable in honesty. Her spirit well now not only soar above, but forever in her words and story.Thank you for sharing her story Alma...
  •     by Andree HurlI want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing awareness into my life as I read "My Wonderful Nightmare" by Erin and yourself. As a mum of a child who had cancer it helped me to heal what I thought I had no right to even be feeling in the first place. How can I possibly think I have the right to feel grief, fear, sadness when my daughter is going through cancer? As a mum you wish more than anything it was you and not your child that got cancer. Reading the book and watching and listening to Erin on the videos helped me to feel the grief that I have been shoving down for two years. My daughter Hayley was diagnosed with non Hodgkins Lymphoma two years ago. She is thankfully cured and is moving on in her life with a totally different view and direction. She is embracing her joy; and her passions as she discovers them. What your book did for me, with the help of Erin, and reading what she was thinking and experience in with her cancer on a daily basis helped me to understand on a deeper level some of what Hayley had to endure. So thank you and thank you to Erin for making this book possible and yes it is, and does help people have a better understanding of what can unfold when dealing with cancer. See the videos on

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